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AirTag used as an accomplice in a murder

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AirTag used as an accomplice in a murder-GadgetAny

A man named Andre Smith was murdered on Friday, June 3, by his girlfriend outside a pub who tracked him using AirTag. Gaylyn Morris has been charged with murder for repeatedly running over a car on her boyfriend. Morris followed Smith’s car using AirTag.

A witness heard Morris saying she tracked Smith using an AirTag and GPS. Morris claimed she was Smith’s girlfriend and doubted that he was cheating on her. So, Morris tracked him down and saw him speaking to a woman at Tilly’s Pub in Indianapolis. After that, Morris allegedly beat up the other woman with an empty bottle she picked up from the bar. However, Smith intervened and prevented Morris from doing any harm. As a result, the bar owner asked the three to leave. 

Consequently, outside Tilly’s Pub, Morris got in her car, pulled forward, and knocked Smith over. After that, she reversed the car over Smith and pulled forward over him a third time. She then exited her vehicle to attack the other woman when the officers arrived and arrested her. The emergency services discovered Smith under Morris’ car. Unfortunately, the medics pronounced the 26-year-old dead on the scene. The Marion County Coroner’s office declared that the vehicle was the cause of death. The police charged Morris with murder but have not announced the final charges yet.

The AirTag controversy

AirTag is a tracking device developed by the Cupertino tech giant Apple. Its primary purpose is to track and locate lost objects like keys, phones, wallets, etc. First, the device sends out a secure Bluetooth signal to nearby devices in the Find My network. Following this, these devices send the location of the AirTag to its owner’s iCloud. After that, the AirTag’s location appears on the map. Users can then find the device via the Find My app. Apple claims that the entire process is anonymous and encrypted to protect users’ privacy. 

But, since its release in April 2021, AirTag has been a subject of utmost controversy. The reason is that many stalkers or would-be stalkers use it to track their victims despite Apple including various anti-stalking measures. Thus, many lawmakers have been looking into the tracking tag market since then. They even attempted to put forward bills to try and prevent their use as stalking devices. 

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