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Alex Murdaugh’s surviving son reaches settlement with family of Mallory Beach whom brother Paul allegedly killed in 2019 boat crash

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On January 24, a South Carolina judge approved a compensation agreement between members of the Murdaugh family and those hurt by the family's boat accident in 2019. Buster Murdaugh, the lone surviving child of infamous South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh, 54, and the estate of Alex Murdaugh's deceased wife, 52-year-old Maggie Murdaugh, reached a settlement earlier this month with the family of Mallory Beach, 19, who perished on the Murdaughs' boat during the tragedy. Mallory Beach perished while allegedly drunkenly operating the Murdaugh family boat down the South Carolina coast. Paul Murdaugh, Alex's second son, was operating the vessel at the time; it crashed into a bridge at Parris Island, sending several passengers overboard. Paul, 22, and his wife Alex are alleged to have died in June 2021. [caption id="attachment_84353" align="aligncenter" width="620"]MALLORY BEACH MALLORY BEACH/FACEBOOK[/caption] The two defendants left in the case were Alex and Parker's Kitchen, a convenience store where it was alleged that Paul, then underage, purchased alcohol for the boating outing. Paul used his older brother Buster Murdaugh's identification and his mother Maggie Murdaugh's credit card to buy booze from a Parker's Corporation convenience store earlier that day. Eight days later, five miles from the crash site, Beach's body was discovered. The boat that Paul was in charge of that evening belonged to both Maggie and Alex, according to Beach family attorney Mark Brandon Tinsley. [caption id="attachment_84354" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Paul Murdaugh boat crash The boat Paul Murdaugh was driving when he drunkenly crashed into a bridge in Beaufort, South Carolina, killing Mallory Beach and injuring four others. (Beaufort County Sheriff's Office)[/caption] While the Beach family is "pleased" with Judge Daniel Hall's decision, they do not believe it was the "best decision given the circumstances," Tinsley said in a statement to Fox News Digital. However, it was "the only decision for all who had any real interest," he remarked. "We also believe the ruling will help give some closure to the people who so desperately deserve it," Tinsley added. The Murdaugh family's roughly $4 million Moselle estate in Hampton and Colleton Counties will be sold, and co-receivers Alex Murdaugh and John Murdaugh will share in a $275,000 settlement as well as Renee Beach, Mallory's mother and personal agent of her daughter's estate. Buster Murdaugh will receive $530,000 from his mother's estate, plus legal fees, after the house is sold. The settlement agreement reads that "The Co-Receivers have determined that the Settlement Agreement is reasonable and in the best interest of the Receivership as a whole."

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