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Alexa Stopped Working: How To Fix An Unresponsive Alexa?

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Photo Credit: The Washington Post Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa is quite a popular one at home, as she simplifies your house chores by assisting you but there are some issues with the app, either it hangs or does not respond. Amazon fixes the issue immediately but when there is an issue on the user’s side, it will have to be fixed by the  customers themselves and here's how you can go about it: Alexa Not Responding - Here's How To Fix? Electronics Hub Photo Credit: www.electronicshub.com

How to Fix if Alexa is Not Working?

Reboot the phone

Smartphones work without an issue for months but if you feel there is a drag in the phone’s working, put it off and on and now try using it with Alexa, most often than not, this trick helps and is also the most tried and tested way.

Check for software updates

Most of the Alexa apps, iOS, and Android devices are prompted to update the software but if you were not or have skipped the “remind me later” option, check if you are running the latest version. If updating the softwares does not resolve the issue, try the next step. Also Read: 5 Ways to Boost the Speed of Your Amazon's Fire tablets

Delete and reinstall Alexa App

This step seems to be the most efficient one. First delete the existing app and reinstall the Alexa app. It doesn't matter if you are using Android or iOS, uninstall the app and then go to Play Store or App Store and reinstall the Alexa app. This trick should fix the issue if a bug was hindering the software from functioning efficiently. Even if this step did not help, go to the next one.

Get in touch with Amazon

The Amazon customer service is very efficient and will resolve the issues fast and there are chances that they are already working on it and also check Amazon Help Twitter page as there is a constant interaction between the users with issues and Amazon Twitter page and they keep posting updates. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1392"]7 Best Tips to Fix Amazon Echo Connected to Bluetooth but No Sound Issue Photo Credit: Guiding Tech[/caption]

Try disabling cellular and WiFi connections

If the Amazon Alexa app is being used in a home with a powerful setup then the app is interacting with many devices all at once. On a regular basis, this setup works without any hassles but there is a chance that a bug is coming in the way of the app’s functioning. If the above mentioned steps have not made a difference, then for 30 seconds, try disabling cellular and WiFi connections and then enable them.

Smartphone’s cache clearing

In helping the app run better, the Amazon Alexa app will keep small amounts of data, but sometimes, this doesn't work as planned. You may get rid of all the extra data on your device by clearing your cache. It's an easy procedure that frequently fixes Alexa-related problems. Both procedures just take a few minutes to finish, but they change depending on whether you're using Android or iOS.

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