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Alina Habba: Trump lawyer peacefully settles discrimination suit which was claiming her to be racist and the use of the N-word.

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One of Trump's bulldog lawyers Alina Habba, allegedly resolved a case that was filed in New Jersey in which she was accused of using the word "n-word" often in her office. The lawsuit was filed by Na'SyiaDrayton who was a former assistant employed by Habba Madaio and Associates, which is a law firm located within New Jersey. Drayton stated in her suit the fact that, prior to appearing in courts with the president that white lawyers would meet in a room to listen to the rap genre. Of those songs, one of the songs was "Ruff Ryder's Anthem by late DMX that is a song that begins by singing the words: "N ***** wanna play and fail, you ***** want to lie. And then n ***** beg the question why you don't ***** want to die." Other songs mentioned in the suit are "Rich Ass Fu@k" as well as Lollipop from Lil Wayne', the one about oral sex. The other song is The N ***** at Paris composed by Jay-Z along with Kanye West. Along with Habba her legal companion, Michael Madaio is also another defendant in the lawsuit. Drayton was an employee of the company. She worked from November 2021 to June 2022. She then was fired on June 9. Also read :

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[caption id="attachment_41463" align="alignnone" width="800"]Alina Alina[/caption] The lawsuit claims the fact that Habba rejected Drayton's claims of racism, in a statement that reads, "I am a f***ing minority for me... My race isn't white. I was once victimized because I'm Arab." In a lawsuit in response to the allegations made to Abba, Drayton was also accused of "trying to cause offence." The suit also detailed an entire list of instances in which it was claimed that Habba was an alleged racist. Another time, Habba referred to someone at work as cheap Jew and before the Jewish HR employee. The lawsuit claims that Drayton further claimed that Habba advised that Drayton take a bite of the fried chicken since her customers love the dish. In the event that Drayton confronted Habba about her singing of songs that had racist connotations Habba responded, "Everybody listens to Kanye West. But, am I permitted to?" She added that she'll be able to "listen to any music I choose to hear, and I'm not going be uncomfortable with that. "She added that "I am a huge hip-hop fan - always have and never and always will... I'm very offended by this, honestly. It's a grave offense." Drayton claimed in court papers that, while she was impressed by Habba's professionalism but she was concerned about she might be a victim of her "explosive anger." The matter has been settled. There aren't any details on the amount Habba has paid in settlement of the lawsuit , or it is unclear whether there was any money that were involved. Drayton's attorney, Jacqueline L. Tillman said, "We reached a resolution however I am unable to speak about the details." Habba has been representing Donald Trump in a New York tax fraud investigation. In an earlier event, Habba referred to New York Attorney General Letitia James as a 'black the b***h. in an office hallway in her office of her law firm. The matter became an issue of controversy in the media and James has filed a number of civil lawsuits against herself and Trump Organization. Trump Organization.

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