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All The Information You Need On The Ninth Episode Of “The Last Of Us”

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Photo Credit: YouTube The Last Of Us has been the highest-watched series of 2023 with every episode gaining millions of new viewers it is based on a videogame that is not boring. To date, eight episodes have been aired and if you are looking for the ninth episode of The Last Of Us details like date, time, cast, timings, etc, here it is.

Date of Release

It was released on 12th March on HBO Max. The Last Of Us is turning out to be a great hit for HBO Max along with other series like Winning Time, House Of The Dragon, and Winning Time. There are other legendary shows like Game Of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos and The Wire that are already available on the channel. The Last of Us Episode 9 Review: The Best Video Game Adaptation Ever | Den of Geek Photo Credit: Den Of Geek They have a great selection of movies to choose from hit movies like Batman and classics like The Verdict.


On March 12th, episode 9 of The Last Of Us was aired on HBO and HBO Max and now is available to all the subscribers.

Content of Episode 9 of The Last Of Us

“Look For The Light” is the name given to episode 9 with duration of 43 minutes and from the trailers, it seems like Joel and Ellie reach Salt Lake City for their Fireflies quest in the complete season. However, given that the series is The Last Of Us, nothing will be easy, Joel looks like he is in a fight with an infected person. Ellie states at the end of the trailer, “There is no halfway with this, we finish what we started.”

Is The Last of Us episode 9’s trailer available?

Yes, It is available. In the Last of Us Episode 9, Ellie said during the final scene: Photo Credit: Reddit

The star cast in Episode 9 of The Last Of Us

  • Pedro Pascal as Joel Miller
  • Bella Ramsey as Ellie Williams
  • Ashley Johnson as Ellie’s mother
  • Merle Dandridge as Marlene
  • Gabriel Luna as Tommy Miller
  • Riley Davis as a young Firefly soldier
  • Anna Rice as Nurse No. 2
  • Pardeep Singh Sooch as a Firefly soldier
The director of the 9th episode of The Last Of Us is Ali Abbasi and this is the finale of season one.

Are there any episodes left to be aired in Season 1’s The Last Of Us?

There are nine episodes in season 1 but earlier, there was news that there will be ten episodes but later changed to nine episodes and all of them have been released.

Should we look forward to Season 2 The Last Of Us?

The works for the show has already begun with Ramsey and Pascal coming back to season 2 but there is no news of the show being built on The Last Of Us part 2 videogame or it will be something fresh.

Is The Last Of Us a good show?

Currently, this year's best show is The Last Of Us as the character development, story narration, world building all are a class apart. It is unbelievable that the show is built on a video game, even the people who don't like video games will love this show as it is an overall great TV program. The Last of Us Season 2 Star Teases Pedro Pascal's Reduced Role Photo Credit: The Direct Entertainment Neil Druckman who created The Uncharted and Craig Mazin who created Chernobyl are the cocreators of The Last Of Us and Craig Mazin is also the writer of the videogame. Rating of The Last Of Us on Tomatometer, Rotten Tomatoes is 96% with 90% audience score and has a metascore of 84 with 6.4 user score.

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