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iPhone 14 Biggest Leaks Revealed; Display, Camera & Other Specs

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iPhone 14 Biggest Leaks Revealed; Display, Camera & Other Specs-GadgetAny
all iPhone 14 leaks till now

Apple will likely release the 2022 iPhone lineup sometime later this year. And the rumor mill is going wild about the design and the features the upcoming iPhone might possess. Additionally, there have been several leaks concerning the upcoming iPhone 14. So far, the iPhone 14 leaks suggest that there will be four models in the upcoming Apple lineup – iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. In addition, there will likely be a sleeker new design, a faster A16 Bionic chip, and a sharper new primary 48MP camera for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. 

Most notably, there wouldn’t be a mini iPhone in the 2022 lineup, as the model wasn’t a hit among the customers. Thus, Apple plans to focus on larger iPhone sizes for its flagship devices. So, here is a round-up of all the rumors and leaks about the iPhone 14 lineup. 

Design and body size of iPhone 14 models

iPhone 14 Model

The iPhone 14 models will reportedly look like the iPhone 13 models with a similar flat-edged design. However, leaker Jon Prosser claims that the company will introduce a thicker frame with no rear camera bump and round volume buttons. But according to the later rumors and iPhone 14 leaks, his information might not be accurate. For instance, renders depicting the iPhone 14 models came out in March. It showed that the standard iPhone 14 models will not have any design changes and will look similar to the iPhone 13 models, except they will possibly be large and thick in size. Hence, the upcoming Apple phones will sport a standard notch along with the same diagonal camera layout and camera bump at the back. 

However, Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, revealed in March 2021 that Apple would eliminate the notch in the 2022 models. So, speculation is that the iPhone 14 models might include some combination of a circular hole-punch cutout for the camera paired with a pill-shaped cutout for the Face ID components. The circular cutout will probably house the Face ID dot projector. Meanwhile, the pill-shaped cutout might contain the front camera, Face ID infrared camera, and other components. But, this change might only appear in the Pro models. 

iphone 14

Furthermore, a leaked photo in April depicts molds of iPhone 14 models, offering details about the sizes of the devices. Consequently, Apple might release two 6.1-inch iPhones and two 6.7-inch iPhones this year. In addition, the camera bumps would be around 5% larger. Therefore, cases designed for iPhone 13 models would not fit the iPhone 14 models due to the increase in sizes. Besides, the different camera bump sizes can be seen in a set of leaked cases that are reportedly for the upcoming iPhones. 

Additionally, the iPhone 14 Pro models might sport a titanium frame instead of a stainless one, a redesigned speaker, and microphone grilles. Besides that, the back of the upcoming iPhones would retain the glass finish but with a satin-like finish. Lastly, Apple will reportedly be adding a new color option – purple. Thus, the iPhone 14 and 14 Max will likely come in black, white, blue, red, and purple. And the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will probably be available in graphite, gold, silver, and purple. 

Display leaks of iPhone 14 lineup

iPhone 14 Display leaks

Some rumors stated that all 2022 iPhone models would flaunt ProMotion displays with refresh rates up to 120Hz. But, Apple will probably limit the technology to the Pro models only.

Additionally, leaker Ross Young gave more detailed screen specs of the iPhone 14 lineup. Young claims the iPhone 14 will have a 6.06-inch 1170 x 2532 OLED screen. In addition, it will have a 60Hz refresh rate and 460 pixels per inch. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro will supposedly have similar screen specs but with a 120Hz variable refresh rate. Besides that, the iPhone 14 Pro Max will possibly boast a 6.68-inch 1284 x 2778 OLED screen. And will have a 120Hz refresh rate and 458 pixels per inch. Finally, the iPhone 14 Max will have the same screen specs but a 60Hz refresh rate. But, Apple is reportedly considering upping it to a 120Hz refresh rate. 

Furthermore, the 2022 iPhones might also come with the always-on display technology. However, it might be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. Besides, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman claims that the iPhone 14 Pro will get an always-on display. Plus, it will show “weather, calendars, stocks, activities, and other data” on the lock screen. However, with a low refresh rate to help preserve battery life.


Most importantly, the iOS 16 beta code confirms the possibility of an always-on display. But, the standard iPhone 14 will likely not have the feature. However, with its adaptive refresh rate, the Pro model will probably support the always-on display feature.

Finally, a Korean website, The Elec, revealed that at least one of the 2022 iPhones would have a standard LTPS OLED display. Thus, it is likely that the 60Hz panel might get retained in one of the phones. However, a recent rumor states that the standard iPhone 14 models might get a 90Hz refresh rate display. And that’s an improvement from the 60Hz panel but not as good as the 120Hz refresh rate display. In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max displays might sport slightly thinner bezels and a taller aspect ratio. 

Camera details of iPhone 14 models

iphone 14 camera leaks

Analyst Kuo believes that the 2022 Pro iPhones will sport a 48-megapixel Wide camera, up from the current 12-megapixel camera. Additionally, it would be able to record 8K videos, and Kuo seems to be sure about this capability. 

Besides, the 48MP camera might be able to take 12MP shots, with a process known as pixel-binning. It will merge multiple smaller pixels on the camera’s image sensor into a single “super” pixel for enhanced low-light sensitivity. In addition, the 8K video recording capability will produce images and videos more suitable for augmented and mixed reality devices Apple plans to launch.

On top of that, some unofficial renders show the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a triple-lens camera. In addition, the iPhone 14 Pro and Max might also sport a triple-lens camera. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 might retain the two-lens camera. 

Furthermore, according to Kuo, all the iPhone 14 models might possess an upgraded front lens. Therefore, they will likely feature a wider f/1.9 aperture, 6-part lenses, and autofocus capabilities. Thus, the front camera in the 2022 iPhone models will probably offer sharper, crisper selfies and improved depth of field. And the autofocus functionality will be convenient in improving focus adjustments during video calls. 

Other leaked specs of the iPhone 14  lineup

iPhone 14 specifications leaks

Many iPhone 14 leaks and rumors indicate that the models will stick to the A15 Bionic chip. However, the iPhone Pro models might get a new A16 chip. Plus, analyst Kuo and many other reliable sources confirm these rumors. On another note, Gurman believes that chip disparity is because Apple is more focused on the M-series Apple Silicon chips for its latest Mac devices. 

Moreover, some sources claim that Apple will use the version of the A15 Bionic chipset that powers the iPhone 13 Pro models. Thus, the iPhone 14 might come equipped with 6GB of RAM. But, Kuo says that all the iPhone 14 models will have 6GB RAM. However, the base models would use LPDDR 4X RAM, similar to the current iPhone 13 range. And the Pro models will supposedly receive the faster and more efficient LPDDR 5 RAM. 

Furthermore, as per speculations, the 2022 iPhones might get a massive 2TB of onboard storage. However, that’s not very believable. Additionally, some rumors state that the iPhone 14 and 14 Max will start with 64GB of storage, which is doubtful. And the iPhone 14 Pro Max will begin with 256GB of storage, which might be a bit believable.  

iphone 14 camera

According to analyst Emma Mohr-McClune, Apple might be planning to launch an eSIM-only variant of the iPhone 14. Besides, the company is reportedly advising many major US carriers to prepare for the release of eSIM-only smartphones by 2022. So the iPhone 14 lineup might be the first smartphone to come without a SIM slot. 

On another note, the battery in the 2022 iPhones might be larger than their predecessors. However, sources say the iPhone 14 Pro Max might not get a larger battery. Hence, shrinking the battery capacity a bit but hopefully not enough to affect the overall battery life. But, it is best to take this leaked information with a grain of salt as they are unconfirmed rumors. 

Lastly, the European Union’s mandate on making USB-C ports universal raises a question about what Apple will offer for charging. Additionally, based on one patent, the iPhone 14 lineup might come with MagSafe chargers instead of the Lightning port. But, some unofficial renders show the Lightning port intact in the 2022 iPhones. Anyways, Apple might even decide to drop the Lightning port on the iPhone 14 models because of the EU mandate. 


Launch date and price of iPhone 14

As per Apple’s previous launch timelines, the iPhone 14 lineup might release at an event in September 2022. However, some sources believe the launch date to be September 13, to be exact. As for the price, reliable iphone leaks leaker LeaksApplePro believes that three of the four 2022 models will get a price hike. Thus, the standard iPhone 14 might be available at $799 and the 14 Max at $899. But, the iPhone 14 Pro and the 14 Pro Max will probably cost $1,099 and $1,199, respectively. 

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