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Always-On Display on iPhone 14 Pro: How to Disable It

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Always-On Display on iPhone 14 Pro: How to Disable It-GadgetAny
iPhone 14

Apple Its Always-On Display feature came in Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, forcing the screen on your lock to remain in operation and accessible for all time. If you don’t like this, deactivating this Always-On feature Display takes only a simple visit to the Settings menu.
Begin by opening the Settings app on your iPhone and tap “Display & Brightness.”

iPhone 14
Browse your settings until you find the toggle for “Always On,” and tap it to shut off the switch. The iPhone is now done and can relax its tired display. Apple states that the power draw of Always-On isn’t too high due to the screen dimming feature and lower refresh rate; however, every bit of juice often counts.

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