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Amanda Goff to share her complete to story of being highest paid Escort.

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Amanda Goff to share her complete to story of being highest paid Escort.-GadgetAny
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The “controversial story” of Amanda Goff, formerly known as Samantha X, Australia’s most famous escort for more than ten years, has been optioned and purchased by boutique production company Mondo Studio films.

Amanda Goff
The ‘controversial’ story of Amanda Goff – who, for more than a decade, was Australia’s most high-profile escort – will be turned into a new TV series.

In an exclusive interview with Stellar magazine earlier this year, Goff said she was “putting up the stilettos” permanently in favour of her “traditional and conservative” roots in an effort to recover her life.

A “mostly fictionalised” eight-part TV dramedy that was co-created by screenwriter and director Ruth Borgobello and screenwriter and author Lisa Portolan will now examine the Sydney native’s “story of high-end escorting, addiction, and recent bipolar diagnosis.”

Screenwriter and author Lisa Portolan.
Screenwriter and author Lisa Portolan.

The series’ launch coincides with Goff’s efforts to shed her alter-ego and rediscover her true self. It will combine comedy and tragedy and “turn the sex industry’s gaze towards female desire and identity.”

It’s time for me to come out as Amanda Goff, even if I owe the sex industry a lot. She remarked, “I don’t recognise the lady I was back then.

The truth is that each of us has the ability to transform and become the person we desire. I want to encourage people by showing them that it’s never too late through my own very public path.

Screenwriter and director Ruth Borgobello.
Screenwriter and director Ruth Borgobello.

This is a time for women to be heard, Borgobello said, adding that she was “glad to be telling such a tremendous narrative.”

The 48-year-old, who made global news in 2014 when she disclosed she had quit her job as a journalist to become a full-time escort, told Stellar in July, “It makes great sense why I invented the character Samantha.”

She continued, “From a young age I could compartmentalise and separate portions of my life,” referring to her childhood. According to Goff, “creating Samantha was a means of dealing with some tragedy in my life.”

Amanda Goff
Amanda Goff

“Amanda was and still is a bit of an introvert; she’s quite conventional and conservative. Samantha was a strong, forceful persona. I would literally exclaim, “Showtime,” before reporting to work as Samantha,” Goff recounted.

As Samantha, “I felt unstoppable.”

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