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Amazing Google Meet Features You Should Be Using

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Amazing Google Meet Features You Should Be Using-GadgetAny
Google Meet

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The features in Google’s productivity tools, including Google Meet, are abundantly helpful. For instance, did you know that the app makes it simple to record a meeting? Here are a few Google Meet options you could have missed in order to maximize your meetings and phone conversations.

Translated Captions for Global Communication

Being aware of language obstacles is crucial when working with people from other countries. You may enable automated translations for your captions in Google Meet.

There are several ways to turn on the captions’ translation feature. The meeting language is first displayed in a brief notice in the bottom left corner when you first enable live captioning. To access the settings, choose that language.

Alternately, choose “Settings” from the three-dot menu.

Once in Settings, choose “Captions” on the left. On the right, turn on the toggle for “Translated Captions” and pick the language in the drop-down menu.

Google Meet
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Whiteboarding for Visual Communication

Whiteboards are useful tools for group brainstorming, design, and process-walking. You can all communicate visually with the built-in Whiteboarding function.

Open the Whiteboard by clicking the “Activities” button and selecting “Whiteboarding.” After that, select “Start a New Whiteboard.”

Use the tools on the left side of the pop-up window to write, draw, erase, select, add a sticky note, insert an image, create a shape, add a text box, or use the laser pointer when the whiteboard appears.

Participants can open your whiteboard file to join in the fun by viewing it in Activities > Whiteboarding. After the meeting, you can access whiteboards on Google Drive or Google Jamboard.

Breakout Rooms for Private Discussions

Do you recall the time your teacher assigned you and your classmates to collaborate on a project in small groups? In Google Meet events, Breakout Rooms can be utilized in the same manner.

Choose “Breakout Rooms” from the “Activities” menu after selecting the “Activities” button. the top, select “Set Up Breakout Rooms” next.

You can give each Breakout Room a name before dragging participants inside. To select the number of rooms, set an end time, shuffle the choices, or clear them, use the options at the top. Click “Open Breakout Rooms” to invite participants. The rooms can then be edited or closed as desired.

Live Captions for Seeing and Hearing

Enable Google Meet Captions
Image credit : How-To-Geek

Attendees who have hearing difficulties can benefit from live subtitles. Additionally, they help ensure that everyone hears the speaker clearly in noisy settings.

In Google Meet, you can enable live captions, which show each spoken word on the screen in real time like movie subtitles.

You can turn on captions in a few different ways in Google Meet:

  • Click the “Closed Captions” button in the toolbar at the bottom.
  • Open “More Options” using the three-dot menu and choose “Turn On Captions.”
  • Open “More Options,” go to “Settings,” and select “Captions” on the left. On the right, turn on the toggle for “Captions.”

You can turn off captions using any of the above as well.

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