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Amazon Astro introduced as it’s first home robot

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Amazon Astro introduced as it’s first home robot-GadgetAny

On Tuesday, Amazon officially unveiled its long-rumored $999 Astro household robot.

Astro seems like an odd product for Amazon to release. The business is most recognized for being an internet retailer. And its AWS cloud business accounts for the majority of its operational profit. Notably, Astro is a “Day 1 Edition” product, which denotes that it won’t initially be made available to everyone. Instead, Amazon will request registration before inviting users to order the robot. This enables Amazon to avoid producing too many products that it won’t sell and a public failure like the 2015-era Amazon Fire Phone.

Amazon did not provide a particular launch date but did state that Astro will go on sale later this year. It’s important to note that Amazon has made similar claims regarding upcoming products that either never materialized or had significant delays.

amazon astro robot
Image: Todd Haselton / CNBC

Describe Amazon Astro Robot?

The size of Astro is comparable to a small dog. It has three wheels that it uses to move about your home, two large ones for traction and a smaller one for rotation. It has a camera that can monitor your house when Astro patrols while you’re away, rising up on a 42-inch arm. It can follow you around and use its 10-inch touchscreen to play music or show TV programmes. If you want to, you may pack up two sodas in the back storage compartment and instruct Astro to go to someone in the living room because it can distinguish faces.

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