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Amazon Brings Matter Support to 17 Echo Devices

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Amazon Brings Matter Support to 17 Echo Devices-GadgetAny

A large number of devices, including 17 Echo models and smart plugs, light bulbs, and switches, now have official Matter support from Amazon. According to the business, this is simply “phase one” of the deployment, and in 2023, Matter will expand to even more smart household appliances.

The team will be able to add Matter support to the most well-liked devices on the market while assuring platform stability thanks to this gradual release, said Amazon. Phase One includes a long number of products, including some of the most well-liked ones available today. The rollout’s primary focus was on echo devices. Here is a list of all Echo devices that support Matter right now:

  • Dot Echo (5th Gen)
  • Fifth-generation Echo Dot with clock
  • Echo (4th Gen) (4th Gen)
  • Dot Echo (3rd Gen, 2018 release)
  • Voice Studio
  • 8 Echo Show (2nd Gen, 2021 release)
  • 10 Echo Show (3rd Gen)
  • 5 Echo Show (2nd Gen, 2021 release)
  • 15th Echo Show
  • Dot Echo (Gen 3 with Clock)
  • Dot Echo (Gen 4 with Clock)
  • Five Echo Show Echo (v3)
  • Gen 4 Echo Dot
  • Input Echo
  • Emblem Flex
  • 8 Echo Show

Amazon is introducing matter to the Alexa platform gradually

Fear not if your gadget isn’t on the list above; Amazon will keep promoting Matter support through 2023. The second phase, which will soon start, is anticipated to include the remaining Echo models as well as a few other Amazon goods. You won’t have to wait long to learn more, either, with CES just around the corner.

Amazon updates its products with Matter compatibility, joining a growing list of businesses that includes Google. Check out our tutorial on how Matter is transforming the smart home and why interoperability is crucial if you’re not familiar with the concept.

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