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Amazon Clinic is Now Live: You can now access healthcare services through messages

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Amazon Clinic is Now Live: You can now access healthcare services through messages-GadgetAny
Amazon Clinic

A new message-based virtual healthcare service called Amazon Clinic offers guidance and treatment choices for more than 20 common medical disorders.

These include skin issues, allergies, dandruff, hair loss, birth control, erectile dysfunction, sinusitis, pink eye, and other issues.

On Tuesday of last week, Amazon posted a YouTube video describing the Amazon Clinic programme (which was then swiftly taken down). It accidentally disclosed today’s news.

What it Does

Customers using Amazon Clinic, according to reports must first specify the condition for which they are seeking therapy. They must select a doctor from a list of registered, qualified telehealth specialists.

Amazon Clinic
Image: Amazon

Clients can contact with doctors for a thorough consultation through a private messaging system after completing an initial questionnaire.

The patient will then receive a customised treatment plan and prescription drugs via the portal, which may be filled at any pharmacy of their choosing, including Amazon Pharmacy.

Each consultation includes an unrestricted two-week follow-up period of communication between patients and doctors. The cost will be made clear up front.

Amazon claims that its healthcare service is appropriate for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts even though it does not currently accept insurance (HSA). Customers who receive prescriptions through the Amazon Clinic service can use their insurance to pay for them.


The programme offers contraception options in addition to treating common conditions including erectile dysfunction, UTIs, sinusitis, and yeast infections.

The Clinic also provides extra treatments for pre-existing conditions including eczema and genital herpes, and it may be used to renew prescriptions for conditions like migraines, asthma, and hypertension.

The company’s current Amazon Pharmacy service and primary care technology supplier, One Medical, which the retail behemoth is currently acquiring for about $3.9 billion, will function in conjunction with the virtual clinic.

The Amazon Clinic will at first be available in 32 different states across the nation. There are immediate plans for more expansion.

Amazon Care, the company’s entry into the virtual healthcare market, was launched in 2019.

The programme, which is reportedly set to conclude on December 31, was first only available to Amazon employees before being available to people employed by other companies.

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