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Amazon Echo vs Apple Homepod: Which is the best for you?

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With technology soaring high on the wings of new possibilities, we are privy to smart devices such as voice assistants and smart speakers. While we can talk to most of the smart devices, few of them can do a lot more than just respond to your questions. Those devices in question are the Amazon Echo and Apple Homepod- two of the top smart speakers available on the market today. 

What is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo Show A smart speaker is like a house for a voice assistant and you can ask these assistants to do tasks such as playing a song, finding information, setting an alarm, and more. The Amazon Echo can be operated remotely by only using voice. You can simply ask “Alexa”, the voice assistant, to play music, read the news aloud, set alarms, show your favorite TV shows, stream music videos, and more.

What is Apple Homepod?

[caption id="attachment_64441" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Apple HomePod Mini  Image credit: pocket-lint[/caption] On the other hand, Apple introduces its HomePod as a smart speaker with room-filling sound and an intelligent assistant that assists you in controlling your smart home. You can control it with your voice using Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. All you need to do is say “Hey Siri” to activate the Homepod and voice out your request or command. 

Comparison Chart

Specifications Amazon Echo Apple Homepod
Size 5.7” x 5.7” x 5.2” (144 x 144 x 133 mm) 6.6” x 5.6” (168 x 142 mm)
Weight 34.2 oz 5.16 pounds
Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) support for audio streaming from your mobile device to Echo or from Echo to your Bluetooth speaker N/A
Wi-Fi Dual-band wifi supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (2.4 and 5 GHz) networks. 802.11n Wi-Fi
Voice Assistant Yes; Alexa Yes; Siri
Features Adaptive listening, preferred speaking rate, request sound, Kindle read aloud, Notify when nearby, Alexa accessibility Touch Accommodations, VoiceOver, Home app and HomeKit, Intercom transcriptions
Price $99.99 $299

Amazon Echo: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Excellent audio and visual quality No wireless version available
Compact design  Speaks only one language- English
Great features for its price
High number of skills
Hears you from across the room
Hands-free convenience with voice control

Apple Homepod: Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Powerful and impressive sound Quite expensive
Phone calls work quite well Bluetooth is unavailable
Voice assistant, Siri, is well-integrated Only works on iOS
Effortless control of HomeKit devices
Great features
Well-designed speakers


As far as smart speakers go, Amazon Echo is pretty much the clear winner here. Although the Homepod packs quite some features, it is nearly double the price of the Amazon Echo and only compatible with iOS.

By Raulf Hernes

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