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Amazon is allegedly engaging in illegal anti-union behavior once more

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Amazon is allegedly engaging in illegal anti-union behavior once more-GadgetAny

(Image credit- The Economic Times)

Amazon has once again come under fire from US labor board prosecutors for allegedly breaking the law by implementing unilateral policy changes and firing union sympathizers from its unionized warehouse.

Additionally, the board charged CEO Andy Jassy with making anti-union remarks.

Allegations of anti-union behavior

In Staten Island, New York City, Amazon’s only unionized warehouse, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) filed a complaint against the company for altering its procedures in an effort to stifle union support.

In order to discourage workers from participating in labor activity, Amazon reportedly restricted employees’ access to the unionized workplace during their free time.

Amazon Faces Another Accusation of Illegal Anti-Union Behavior | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

Additionally, Amazon was charged with firing two staff members for belonging to the Amazon Labor Union (ALU) and modifying its paid leave policy for COVID-19 cases without consulting the workers’ organizations. According to the complaint, the business should be made to revoke its policy for a minimum of three years.

Andy Jassy’s anti-union remarks as CEO

The prominent CEOs who are somewhat unusual were listed in the complaints that were made by board officials. The complaint also names Chief Executive Officer Andy Jassy for allegedly violating the federal labor code by making unlawful anti-labor remarks in an interview at The New York Times Deal Book Summit in December.

According to Jassy, having a union represent them would reduce workers’ sense of agency and make it more difficult for them to interact directly with those in managerial positions.

According to Seth Goldstein of the ALU, billionaires should be held accountable for their illicit conduct, CNBC said. According to him, “The complaint is going to send a strong message to the union-busters and to CEOs like Jassy who think that they can say whatever they want and they won’t be held accountable.”

How Amazon prevents unions by surveilling employee activism
Image credit- Amazon

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The federal labor legislation permits employers to publicly oppose unionization but forbids them from intimidating employees for doing so because it obliges employers to bargain over working conditions if workers choose to organize. These CEO comments were characterized by the NLRB as “interfering with, restraining, and coercing employees.”

Amazon’s Reaction

Amazon’s representative Eileen Hards remarked that the company has frequently refuted these allegations and that they look forward to proving their innocence in court.

According to Bloomberg, the company claims that the union’s historic election victory from last year should be reversed due to misbehavior. This is a sign that they would pursue this in federal court.

Agency judges hear the complaints that have been filed. You can challenge their decisions in federal court after appealing to the Washington labor board members.

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Although it does not have the right to impose fines or hold executives accountable for infractions, the agency can force businesses to amend their policies and reinstate fired employees.


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