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Amazon Kindle Kids or Kindle Paperwhite Kids: Save Up to $50 With Cover Included

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Amazon Kindle Kids or Kindle Paperwhite Kids: Save Up to $50 With Cover Included-GadgetAny
Kindle Kids or Kindle Paperwhite Kids

Amazon is offering discounts of up to $50 on both the Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite for children. The kids’ version and the ordinary variants are identical, despite the fact that the devices are marketed for children. The Kindle Kids and Kindle Paperwhite Kids, on the other hand, come with a cover and a one-year membership to Amazon Kids+.

If you set a goal for yourself this year to read more, an eReader could help you stick to it. One of the better ones available is Amazon’s Kindle. The online store is currently offering two of its Kindle eReaders for discounts of up to US$50.

Kindle Paperwhite Kids
Photo Credit: Amazon.com

At the moment, the Amazon Kindle Kids is 29% off its advertised price of $119.99 and is available for US$84.99. The Kindle Kids is the same gadget as the ordinary Kindle, which costs $99.99 right now. It shares the same design, features, battery, and front light.

The Kids edition differs primarily in that it has a whimsically designed cover, a complimentary one-year subscription to the Amazon Kids+ book subscription service, and a two-year warranty. Otherwise, the experience is identical to that of a standard Kindle.

The Kindle Paperwhite Kids is on sale for $109.99, a $50 savings (31% off) from its typical price of $159.99, if you want a device with a greater pixel density.

The Kindle Paperwhite Kids is identical to the standard Kindle Paperwhite, much like the Kindle Kids. However, the kid-friendly model comes with the same extras as the Kindle Kids: a cover, a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids+, and a two-year warranty. For comparison, the current price of the basic Kindle Paperwhite is $139.99.

Amazon Kindle and Paperwhite
Photo Credit: IGN

The provided covers are removable, though some people might find them to be overly cartoonish. In essence, this is a way to get a discounted Kindle or Kindle Paperwhite with an additional year of warranty coverage.

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