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Amazon Launches New Echo Pop Speakers With A Rock-bottom Price Tag Of $40

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Image credit : Amazon Amazon's original set of wireless earbuds weren't exactly a hit, but the follow-up model from 2021 offered excellent sound, reliable ANC, and a fiercely affordable $120 starting price. After two years, the Echo Buds have undergone a full overhaul. Now, rather than competing with Apple's AirPods Pro, Amazon appears to be focusing on the company's more affordable, basic AirPods. The first generation of Echo Buds had an in-ear design with silicone tips that created a tight seal for a comfortable fit as well as to guarantee that the active noise cancellation functioned properly. The new Echo Buds completely do away with the silicone tips in favor of a semi-in-ear design, which has the advantage of being more comfortable and enabling the natural hearing of ambient sounds. The most recent version of Echo Buds, which now also have a projecting stem design that hangs outside the ear, don't have any ANC at all, just like AirPods. Buy now :  New Amazon Echo Buds Many AirPods owners have expressed frustration with difficulties keeping the earbuds in their ears without silicone tips. To address this issue, Amazon has pre-installed silicone coverings on each earbud (along with a backup pair). These covers add additional grip while also making it easier to keep the earbuds clean as they can be removed and washed whenever necessary. [caption id="attachment_174407" align="aligncenter" width="1315"]Amazon Echo Buds Image credit : Amazon[/caption] As might be expected, the battery life is subpar. The 12-millimeter drivers in the earbuds should be able to play music for up to six hours when the advanced capabilities are off, or for a total of 20 hours when periodically coupled with the charging case for a top-off. Amazon doesn't even supply the USB-C cable required to charge the Echo Buds; wireless charging was a premium feature available on the previous iteration of Echo Buds for an additional $20. Also read : What Alexa Can Really Do? Ultimate Guide to the Smart Gadget The new Echo Buds do have some cutting-edge features, though. Without pressing any buttons, users can still make calls using Amazon's Alexa speech assistant, albeit at the cost of a battery life reduction of one hour. Additionally included is support for Siri and Google Assistant, however activating either one needs a fast button push. Users may rapidly switch between two different devices thanks to multipoint device connectivity, which eliminates the need to frequently fiddle with Bluetooth settings to connect and disconnect the earbuds. Are these going to be the best wireless earphones you've ever inserted? Most likely not, but at $50, they might be a viable substitute for Apple's second-generation $129 AirPods.

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