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Amazon’s Ring Pet Tag: QR Code Tracking for Lost Pets

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Amazon’s Ring Pet Tag: QR Code Tracking for Lost Pets-GadgetAny
Ring Pet Tag

(Image credit- TechCrunch)

Amazon Ring has introduced a new wearable called the Ring Pet Tag to help you find your lost pets by getting digital information about them.

The QR code from this wearable would lead to more information about the pet to reunite it with its owner rather than using a GPS or Bluetooth.

According to the reports, after a QR code is scanned, the owner is notified, and the finder also receives a pet profile with further information about the pet and owner, making it simpler to reunite the pet with its owner.

Amazon’s Ring Pet Tag: QR Code Tracking for Lost Pets


According to Ring, the pet profile can contain up to five images as well as other vital information about the animal, such as its name, breed, weight, and even its colors. Additionally, users can provide additional custom information that is significant to the pet.

Amazon's Ring shares new Pet Tag to help alert owners of lost pets
Image credit- USA Today

Also, unique identifiers, medical issues, microchip numbers, and information on the pet’s medication are just a few of these crucial characteristics that can be mentioned in the pet profile.

Furthermore, it was mentioned that Ring and Petco Love Lost have teamed up to give users access to a network of more than 2,500 animal shelters across the US.

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It was also mentioned that the Pet Tag by Ring differs from other pet tracking devices,  that do not employ wireless technology or tracking functions. The device doesn’t come with GPS or any connectivity with Amazon Sidewalk; the only addition is a QR code.

The new collar is not at all similar to putting an Apple AirTag on a pet. Instead, the tag makes use of the minimal Ring logo and the slogan “always home” while making sure that anyone who finds the pet can access its information, as per reports.

There are two places where buyers may buy the collar: the first is on Ring, and the second is on Amazon. The Pet Tag would be $9.99, and shipping would begin on October 4.

Ring's new Pet Tag can help lost furry friends find home | TechHive
Image credit- TechHive

How Does it Work?

According to its description on Ring, the personalized QR is simple to use and aids users in enlisting the assistance of their neighborhood’s Ring App users as a search party. The Ring Pet Tag’s safety and ease of use were both mentioned, along with the fact that it would only ship to the US.

Pet owners first create their pet’s profile on Ring Pet App which they may edit whenever they like. The finder will scan the QR code and contact the owner or rescuer if the pet is lost.

The rescuer can then easily contact the owner and update them whenever they find the lost pet wearing the Ring Pet Tag. Additionally, the procedure is believed to be anonymous, guaranteeing that users won’t have to divulge any private information to the finders or rescuers.

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