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Amazon’s Trade-in Program: Here’s a Quick Guide

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Amazon’s Trade-in Program: Here’s a Quick Guide-GadgetAny
Amazon Trade in Program

Given how quickly technology is developing, it is safe to assume that whatever you purchase now won’t be useful tomorrow. We all wait in line to purchase the newest items that tech goliaths launch every quarter or yearly. But in the midst of all this bustle, we all forget that the utility of our old technologies has diminished in comparison to the new ones.

Amazon appears to have thought about this issue and has developed a trade-in opportunity. Unwanted technology is converted into Amazon gift cards and/or discounts through this quick and easy service. Additionally, it’s a free and enjoyable method to recycle outdated devices. Here’s how you can utilize that to your advantage.

  • Select the item(s) to trade-in

Browse a variety of Amazon-owned product categories, including Kindles, tablets, streaming media players, and Echo speakers, on the Trade-In portal. Otherwise, look through the “Other Trade-In Categories,” which includes items like video games and cell phones.

Amazon Trade in Program

A manual search box and a list of the products currently linked to your Amazon account are displayed when you open a category tab. Choose the item(s) you want to trade in.

Each product’s name and model will be included alongside the potential trade-in value (and discount).

  • Answer the qualifying questions

You must fill out a qualifying questionnaire after choosing the item(s) for trade-in. Depending on the type of electronic, the inquiries center on the state and condition of your trade-in item(s).

You have the option of accepting a lower estimated trade-in value for the electronic if an error is found or having Amazon ship the item back to your mailing address. It’s encouraging to see as trade-in schemes often do not give the latter.

  • Shipping The Items

A UPS shipping label will be given to you after the questionnaire is finished so you may package and deliver your item (s). You will have 45 days to ship the package to Amazon, and the prepaid label is free – for you, at least. Because the tracking information is specific to your particular trade-in, be sure to use the provided label rather than your own.

Amazon Trade in Program

  • Wait For Your Appraised Value And/Or Discount To Process

The evaluation of the item(s) and processing of the trade-in offer, whether it takes the form of an Amazon gift card and/or a discount on particular products, will take place within 10 days, at the most, after the shipment is dispatched and received, according to Amazon. If there are any problems, you can contact an online representative for support or find out more on the Trade-In page.

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