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Amazon’s Veeqo Will Make Shipping Easier

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Amazon’s Veeqo Will Make Shipping Easier-GadgetAny

Amazon’s multi-channel shipping software Veeqo, is getting a new update that the company claims would result in significant cost savings for e-commerce companies.

In order to give customers access to lower prices on services like UPS, US Postal Service, DHL, and FedEx, Veeqo can link with their users’ sales channels, including Amazon but also third-party channels like eBay, Etsy, and Shopify.

Additionally, based on size and weight, Veeqo’s “rate-shopping” tool calculates the most affordable shipping rate for sellers’ goods.

Veeqo was previously $450 per month before being purchased by Amazon for an undisclosed sum in early 2022. It is now free under Amazon’s direction.

Sellers that use Veeqo for shipping are just required to pay for their carrier labels; there are no additional monthly fees.

Veeqo users will also benefit from a variety of additional features under Amazon’s direction, including a complete inventory management solution that enables tracking and counting goods between locations.

New reporting and forecasting tools will also be available to users, allowing merchants to make stock decisions based on data like inventory performance, historical stock, and other financial details.

With early access to the new features before the complete introduction of the new features later this year, Veeqo is now accessible to Amazon merchants in the US.

Existing merchants in the UK will have free access to Veeqo’s legacy product as of right now; the full launch of the new features in the UK will come after.

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