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AMC Gremlin LS Turbo Blows Away Competition On Drag Strip

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An odd consistency throughout this short film's 4 minutes of footage shows several races down at the drag strip: an AMC Gremlin. This 1980s short-wheelbase hatchback isn't your average sports car or go-to racer, but it's noteworthy for the incredible powertrain hidden beneath its unassuming exterior. If you're not a fan of the small Gremlin, it will also need to be speedy because it will compete against several perhaps more prestigious and well-known vehicles. In any case, the little monster puts on a show at the strip, and in this video from YouTube's Drag Racing And Car Stuff, we break down what happens. Gremlin Customized by AMC with an LS V8 turbocharger. The AMC Gremlin, manufactured from roughly 1970 to 1978 and with a design resembling the AMC Pacer, was rather successful despite its moniker. AMC Gremlin LS Turbo Blows Away Competition On Drag Strip After starting with mediocre engines, the line would end with the slightly thrilling 401-XR, a 6.6-liter V8-powered Gremlin variant. Randall AMC in Arizona completed the engine swap required to suit a larger engine, and the 255 hp resulted significantly higher than the 5-liter V8's output of 150 hp. Although there are no details regarding the engine size, power output, or other modifications, the Gremlin receives an LS V8 with turbo power in this instance. This, combined with the car's relative lightness, should make for a speedy Gremlin on the drag strip. The automobile is first seen in a close-up at the beginning of the video, and aside from the wide racing tires and the engine beneath the hood, nothing else about it sticks out or even draws attention. Using a Custom Powertrain, An AMC Gremlin Is Raced on YouTube through DragRacingAndCarStuff The brief movie contains many races between the little hatchback and a variety of different vehicles that were caught on camera. AMC Gremlin LS Turbo Blows Away Competition On Drag Strip     Ford Fox Body Mustangs compete in Race 1, where the Gremlin immediately takes the lead and maintains it to the very end with a time of 11:64 vs. 13:48 and finishing speeds of 121 mph and 103 mph, respectively. Three races total, showing both the AMC and the Chevy together, feature a silver Chevrolet Camaro SS, although the Chevy Camaro SS is a 13–14-second car today and doesn't quite pass muster. The Gremlin's race against a mysterious black car may be the most intriguing. The black opponent, which could be a Camaro, gets off to a faster start and swift escape than the Gremlin, leaving it in the dust, but the Gremlin draws its rival back in throughout the quarter mile. Finally, AMC's Gremlin beats the black car's mark with a time of 11:35 and speeds of 123 mph versus 116 mph, respectively.

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