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AMD wants AI in its upcoming graphics cards

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AMD wants AI in its upcoming graphics cards-GadgetAny

AMD’s new RDNA 3 range is already looking ahead. AMD execs discussed RDNA 4 in a recent interview. AMD’s AI strategy was contrasted with Nvidia’s.

AMD may want to expand its AI footprint. AMD has been losing the AI race against Nvidia. We know it’s RDNA 4 plans.

AMD executives David Wang and Rick Bergman discussed AI in AMD’s greatest graphics cards with the Japanese website 4Gamer. The interview suggests that AMD may want its ROCm software package to compete with Nvidia’s CUDA libraries, despite Nvidia’s long experience with AI. AMD claims the platforms are comparable.

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Photo Credit: Forbes

AMD appears to have a different AI strategy for gaming GPUs. AMD argues that it chose to adopt AI in consumer GPUs more slowly than Nvidia.

The GPU’s large-scale inference accelerator is why Nvidia is aggressively striving to deploy AI technology even for tasks that can be done without it. It appears they are working on a theme that requires numerous inference accelerators to use effectively. “That’s their GPU plan, which is excellent, but I don’t think we should have the same strategy,” Wang told 4Gamer in a machine-translated Japanese interview.

AMD believes inference accelerators should be utilized to improve games because gamers don’t want to pay for features they never use. AMD’s FidelityFX SuperResolution (FSR) performed comparably to Nvidia’s DLSS without AI.

Wang’s fun AI project is improving enemy and NPC behavior and mobility in modern games. AMD has greater image processing plans.

Even if AI is employed for picture processing, AI should handle advanced processing. Wang suggested a topic like “neural graphics,” which is trending in 3D graphics.

Wang detailed AMD’s RX 7900 XT and XTX flagship technologies. RDNA 3’s multi-draw indirect accelerators (MDIA) boost performance by 2.3 times. AMD aims to improve that tech and bring more complex shaders to RDNA 4. Wang stated the business intends to make this the GPU programming model standard.

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Photo Credit: The Tech Revolutionist

Rick Bergman, AMD’s executive vice president of the Computing and Graphics Business Group, gave us a quick, vague RDNA 4 teaser. Bergman stated: “We promise to advance to RDNA 4 with even higher performance shortly.”

“Near future” is intriguing. AMD RDNA 3 is new. Laptop GPUs are plentiful, but desktop GPUs are scarce. With so many current-gen cards to release, RDNA 4 is unlikely to emerge before 2024. AMD’s AI improvements will be intriguing.

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