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An Analyst Says Qualcomm’s Loss Is iPhone SE 4’s Gain

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An Analyst Says Qualcomm’s Loss Is iPhone SE 4’s Gain-GadgetAny
iPhone SE 4

Apple is rumored to have abandoned plans for a 2022 iPhone SE replacement (or SE 3). But the Cupertino behemoth, which was also supposed to be launching its own baseband for the budget-friendly handset, may have reason to celebrate this alleged cancellation. Therefore, rather than being disrupted by a new competitor, the market for mobile data devices may continue as usual.

The smartphone chip giant Qualcomm normally does not rejoice when a new mobile device is scrapped since it loses the opportunity to counteract its market dominance by competing with it or to supply its manufacturer with parts (or, occasionally, both). Ming-Chi Kuo, a highly recognized analyst at TF International Securities, claims that the iPhone “SE 4” may be an exception to this rule.

Kuo also spread the word that the SE 3’s replacement, which is expected to represent Apple’s most recent launch failure that is out of the ordinary, may never happen. If that’s the case, the “4” might have been especially intriguing since it might have been the first smartphone in history to contain a proprietary baseband for mobile data access.

iPhone SE 4
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Of course, this would have jeopardized Qualcomm’s position as a leader in this industry and cost it revenue. But according to Kuo, Apple may have also given up on ambitions to introduce its own RF hardware in the iPhone 16 series due to quality concerns, making its opponent in chip design “much” more likely to keep the contract to provide basebands for these prospective 2024 flagships as well.

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