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AI can now design convincing images of skyscrapers!

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Manas Bhatia has a clear vision of the future as he sees residential skyscrapers surrounded by plants, trees, and algae acting as "air cleansing towers."
In a series of incredibly detailed photographs, the architect from New Delhi and computer programmer has brought the concept to life. The imagined buildings are shown as high over a futuristic metropolis. their curving forms influenced by the shapes discovered within nature.
AI architecture
However, the images weren't entirely his imagination. To develop his conceptual idea, "AI x Future Cities," Bhatia turned to an artificial intelligence image tool, called Midjourney that creates complex images based on prompts written by. Utilizing a set that contained textual descriptions including words like "futuristic towers,"" "utopian technology,"" "symbiotic," and "bioluminescent material" Midjourney produced an array of digital images, which Bhatia refined by modifying the prompts.
Bhatia explained that it could take between 20 and 30 minutes to create the surreal paintings. He refined his descriptions nearly 100 times for each project, editing and adding to the text until he got the optimal outcomes before cleaning up the images with Photoshop.
AI architecture
"The trial and error part is the most enjoyable," the architect said via phone. "We make use of AI to generate images. In the process, the AI learns and gets better with time."
In a separate project, titled "Symbiotic Architecture" Bhatia envisioned a future where buildings are constructed out of living substances. By using prompts such as "giant" as well as "hollowed," he produced images of"an "utopian future" where houses are constructed inside redwood-sized trees.
He claims it was an inspiration by Hyperion, which is redwood with a height of 380 feet in California and is considered the world's highest living tree. However, he also took inspiration from his day-to-day activities at Indian architectural company Ant Studio, whose projects include the retrofitting of buildings with new facades to promote natural ventilation and decrease energy use.
AI architecture
"The inspiration (was the idea) of a building's 'skin' being organic and inspired by nature, and how evaporative cooling and transpiration takes place so that (towers can) regulate their own temperature throughout the day," Bhatia said adding: "If we could create building materials to be organic, and to live and grow, the building could ventilate itself through these natural processes."
The rising growth of AI imaging tools such as OpenAI's DALL-E2 and Google's Imagen have posed new concerns about artistic integrity and creativity.

By Awanish Kumar

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