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Most Useful Google Chat New Feature Enrolls

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Most Useful Google Chat New Feature Enrolls-GadgetAny
Google Chat update

Google recently updated its Chat to remind users of a project by turning messages into personal tasks. The new feature will enable users to automatically create a new task from individual or group messages in the app. Additionally, the Google Chat update will include a new “Add to Tasks” option that will appear when users hover over a message. The option will appear alongside adding a reaction emoji or forward messages to inbox options.  

The official Google Workspace Update blog notes that the latest update will allow users to stay updated on their tasks. Interestingly, users get to keep on top of tasks involved in conversations with coworkers via Chat. “Once users have created a personal task, they can add a due date and description, then quickly navigate back to the conversation,” states the blog. After that, the tasks will be visible in Google Tasks, the quick-access side panel, and Google Calendar.

Google Chat update

Furthermore, the new Google Chat update is available to Android and Web users. In addition, all Google Workspace customers and legacy G Suite Basic and Business customers will also get the update. Finally, the company assured iPhone users that it’s working on adding the new update to iOS. It might roll out to iOS in the coming months.  

Moreover, Google has always strived to make its features as helpful as possible for its customers globally. And the latest Chat update is the company’s latest move toward that end.

Other helpful Google Chat updates

On another note, Google also plans to add alert banners that warn Chat users against suspicious messages. Thus, protecting its users from links that likely lead to phishing sites or malware downloads. Additionally, both mobile and web users will get access to it, protecting them against “malicious actors” and keeping data secure. Besides that, Google Chat also recently launched Idle status, denoted by an orange icon determining the availability of a colleague. 

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