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Analogue Launches Glow-In-Dark Pocket That Glows In Dark

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image credit - theverge.com If you've been on the fence about buying the Analogue Pocket, an updated FPGA-powered Game Boy clone that can play all of your old cartridges, maybe the company's latest limited-edition release will sway you. Analogue is making a glow-in-the-dark version of the Pocket. It has all the same features as the original, but the case is now green and glows in the dark, like cheap plastic glow-in-the-dark toys. This "Pocket Glow" costs $249.99, which is $30 more than the standard white and black Pocket consoles. It will only be sold in "highly limited quantities." It will go on sale on September 1 at 8 a.m. Pacific, and once it's gone, it's gone. The console will ship on September 5, so people who preordered glow-in-the-dark Pockets won't have to wait as long as people who bought the console in the first few waves.

Features Of Analogue Pocket

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Analogue says that the Pocket Glow can light up for up to eight hours if the case is fully charged by a bulb, the Sun, or some other outside source. The Pocket also comes with a battery that can be charged via USB-C, which is incredibly handy for anyone who has spent hours waiting for a bunch of AA batteries to charge. The handheld also has a port for link cables that lets it connect to and talk to the real original hardware.


Without adapters or extra software, the Pocket can play cartridges made for Nintendo's Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance systems. This means that the Pocket is nearly 100 percent compatible with these cartridges.  also read - BMW M Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Unveiling: Logo Included?


It has several screen filters that make it look like an old LCD panel. The Pocket's bright, sharp, high-resolution screen makes these filters look much better and more accurate than the fake CRT TV filters that are usually included with re-releases of old games. 

Limited Edition

The Pocket Glow is coming out under the "Analogue Editions" label, which suggests that other limited-edition consoles will come out in the future. As the Pocket is a copy of Nintendo's handhelds, this is a copy of Nintendo's strategy for releasing new hardware: to make special limited-edition consoles and sell them to fans who already have the standard versions. 

Pocket Version 1.1 Update 

After the final version 1.1 update came out in May 2023, Pocket didn't say anything about new firmware changes for the Pocket. Along with many other changes and additions, the Pocket 1.1 update added support for OpenFPGA, which lets other developers make cores that mimic old hardware that isn't a Game Boy. As of this writing, cores for multiple retro systems, handhelds, computers, and arcade cabinets are available, and they can all run software from the system's microSD card slot. A road map from mid-2022 promises features like remapping buttons that haven't come out yet, and FPGA cores running on the system still can't access retro-inspired display modes like the built-in cores can.

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