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Android And iOS Users To Get A Revamped Yahoo Mail App

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Josh Jacobson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Yahoo Communications stated, “Email volume has been increasing steadily year over year. This remains high even amongst the younger consumers, about 90% in the 15 to 24 age group globally. Email usage is going up and what we saw during the global pandemic was that email volume went up by 14 percent. And that did not go back down even as restrictions eased.” Yahoo is making some changes to its Mail app for iOS and Android users for helping them in decluttering their emails efficiently with a new feature. It can keep a track of receipts, shopping bills, etc, and can delete unwanted mail with a single click. [caption id="attachment_49800" align="aligncenter" width="759"]Yahoo Mail app New Yahoo Mail is designed to help users make sense of the various emails[/caption] According to Jacobson, most of the emails are related to shopping and their receipts and new accounts are created also for the same reason more so with Gen Z. He stated that about 46% of the users create accounts for online shopping which is self-explanatory as to why the Yahoo Mail is being redesigned. What are the new features? The top of inbox navigation is updated as users look at the top mostly than the bottom which has conditional filters which help in toggling between Inbox and others. You get a complete view keeping in mind what the user wants to see. There is another filter “Travel” which helps in keeping a track of all the reservations in one setting. [caption id="attachment_49799" align="aligncenter" width="277"]Yahoo Mail app Yahoo Mail will show all receipts, purchases in a separate tabs[/caption] One of the other features is “Group By Sender” which allows you to classify from the sender so that it can be deleted in one go. This was a huge issue with the users and Yahoo has worked on it. Users can see the mail from the sender without having to type the name in the search bar. Another feature is the One-Tap option to unsubscribe one or more emailers from a single location.

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