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Android Gets in its own Dynamic Island in Realme C55, See details

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Image Credit:  Mobilesyrup Apple's Dynamic Island has appeared on an Android phone as a native feature less than six months after it made its debut on the iPhone 14 Pro. The "Mini Capsule," a black bar that expands out of the Realme C55's selfie camera, is a feature the company is calling it and it was just introduced in Indonesia (via GSMArena). A new "Mini Capsule" user interface is available on the Realme C55, which was first released in Indonesia for about $195. This phone has two black bars that project out from the front camera lens when a certain type of notification is ready to be shown, providing more information than you typically see in a single status bar icon. It resembles the new Dynamic Island notification space on the iPhone 14 exactly. While the iPhone's display dead space is caused by the FaceID sensors it houses, this device only has a standard front-facing camera that transforms into a large pill; there is no new hardware. The Mini Capsule is shown extending out of the phone's selfie camera hole-punch notch on the left and right in an animation on the Realme website. It can show your step count, data usage, and the status of your phone's charges. [caption id="attachment_109125" align="aligncenter" width="2280"]Realme C55 Image: Realme[/caption] The Realme C55 is a standard Android phone that is also reasonably priced, in contrast to the Mini Capsule. It has a 256GB storage capacity, a 6.72-inch 1080p 90Hz display, and a Helio G88 processor. It also has up to 8GB of RAM. It can be quickly charged at up to 33 W and has a 5,000 mAh battery. Additionally, Realme uses the SuperVOOC charging standard, which you may be familiar with as an Oppo invention. Also Read: Realme 10 Series Release Confirmed The body of the device has a flat metal band that wraps around the sides, just like an iPhone 4 or 14 does, giving it a "counterfeit iPhone" appearance. The back of the phone is where things start to differ slightly, with two large camera bumps encircling two inexpensive camera sensors. The yellow version of the phone also has a cool-looking iridescent back. Realme-C55-With-Mini-Capsule-Feature Image Credit: Classmobiles Now available in Indonesia, the Realme C55 is priced at Rp2,999,000, or roughly $195. Francis Wong, CEO of Realme Europe, claims that the device will launch in Europe "soon," despite there being no official launch date for the West yet. Although it may be the first copy of the iPhone 14, it will not be the last. Huawei is next in line at the photocopier, and it is rumored that they have a fake Dynamic Island prepared for the Huawei Nova 11. Rumors say Huawei will launch its model sooner.

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