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Android: How to Forward a Text Message?

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Android: How to Forward a Text Message?-GadgetAny
Android: How to Forward a Text Message?

Need to communicate something? It’s simple to forward text messages from Android to different phone numbers. Pick up the news before selecting an option. How? 

Point to note: The precise procedures for forwarding a message may differ depending on your phone model and messaging software. This article will explain how to deliver a text message on Android using the official Messages app from Google. How to Forward a Text Using the Android Messages App Launch Messages on your Android phone to begin the procedure. Find and start the conversation where your message is next.

Android: How to Forward a Text Message?

To read more of the message, tap. Then, in the top-right corner of your screen, click the three dots to continue.

Select “Forward” from the three-dot menu.

A “Forward Message” window will appear, displaying a list of your most recent message senders and recipients. Tap “New Message” to send your message to someone on this list.

Tap “New Message” to input a phone number or select a contact from your list.

Enter the phone number you wish to forward your message to in the “To” area at the top of the “New Conversation” screen. You can also pick a contact from your contacts list to send the message.

You can change your message before sending it on the following screen. Click the paper aircraft icon next to the news when ready to send it. Moreover, Whatsapp added a new feature called Disappearing Messages, an incredible hack to save yourself from embarrassment. However, learn how to use it and not forget to switch on the function.

You’re done when your phone sends the specified message to the designated recipient. On a related point, did you realize that Android allows you to exchange contact information over text messages?

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