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Android Tablets Do Not Get the Love They Deserve—Here's Why

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Apple's portfolio of iPad tablets receives the majority of the attention paid to tablets, but the company is not the only player in the market for large-screen mobile devices. The One Plus Android tablet will soon be available for purchase in the United States. According to the opinions of various knowledgeable people, this tablet is one of an increasing number of Android devices that are deserving of your consideration. Kelvin Wira, CEO of Superpixel, an animation business, stated in an email interview with Lifewire that "Android is a highly versatile and customizable operating system that has become an excellent alternative for a tablet OS."It provides a wide variety of features and benefits, which makes it a popular option among a lot of different consumers. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Android Tablet: Why You Shouldn't Buy? - GEEKY SOUMYA Image credit- GEEKY SOUMYA[/caption] Because it is an open-source platform, software developers are free to design and modify their own applications, which results in a diverse range of apps from which to choose. Is There a Difference Between the OnePlus Pad and Other Android Tablets? The smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, which is known for producing devices that are considered to be "flagship killers," has entered the market for tablets with the release of the OnePlus Pad, a gadget that has a daring appearance and premium-level specifications and capabilities. Utilizing a OnePlus Pad while driving OnePlus The OnePlus Pad features an 11.61-inch LCD display that has a 7:5 aspect ratio. According to the manufacturer, this display is the first ReadFit display in the world. This means that the screen is more square, which results in a better view and makes reading more comfortable. In addition, the screen displays about the same amount of area as a screen of the same size but with a regular aspect ratio. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Android Tablet: Why You Shouldn't Buy? - GEEKY SOUMYA Image credit- GEEKY SOUMYA[/caption] "Android has classically fallen behind Samsung and Apple in regard to tablets," said tech analyst Bob Bilbruck, CEO of Captjur, in an email to Lifewire. Bilbruck was speaking about Android. "The OnePlus Tab tablet has a number of things going for it, and those things are battery life and possibly price point—it's going to play at the bottom of the tablet market. Think of children watching movies on YouTube as the market, and price it at less than $500; there is little risk for the parents if the equipment breaks. Also read: Refurbished Amazon Fire tablets can be purchased for up to 39% less OxygenOS, which is built on Android 12 and provides OnePlus users with a user interface that is both familiar and fluid, is what the OnePlus Pad operates on. The tablet also supports Cellular Data Sharing, which enables users to share their 5G mobile data with their phone under the same secure account. This feature is only available on certain models of the tablet. The edition with 8GB/128GB of storage costs $479, while the variant with 12GB/256GB of storage costs $579 in the US. A laptop-like experience may be had for the low price of $149 by purchasing the OnePlus Magnetic Keyboard, which can magnetically attach itself to the tablet.  

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