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Android's "Always-On VPN" Is Said to Have Leaked Some Data

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According to reports, every time an Android user connects their smartphone to a Wi-Fi internet connection, the "Always-On VPN" feature is leaking some data and traffic. The Android apps "Block connections without VPN" and "Always-on VPN" have a bug that Mullvad VPN has found. According to the most recent revelation by Bleeping Computer, Mullvad VPN has uncovered that the "VPN Lockdown" feature of the Android mobile operating system from Google appears to be leaking some traffic. In a recent security assessment that hasn't yet been made public, the VPN business with Swedish roots discovered the Android built-in vulnerability. Android's Nevertheless, Mullvad immediately issued a warning about the situation. Making people aware of it shouldn't just be for Android users. Instead, the VPN provider claims that it also intends to put pressure on the dominant search engine, according to a report by Bleeping Computer. When customers connect to a Wi-Fi connection, some of their traffic is leaked by Android VPN features, according to Swedish VPN services. Mullvad points out that some traffic still escapes via Android devices, even when users have "Always-On VPN" and "Block connections with VPN" settings enabled. The source IP address and DNS lookup of Android users are among the traffic and data that were exposed, according to the same report from Bleeping Computer. Furthermore, some HTTPS traffic as well as NTP traffic may leak as a result. It's possible, according to Mullvad, that Android phone users are unaware of this built-in design leakage of some of their traffic. team demonstrates how a Google's VPN Lockdown feature for Android customers, according to the VPN service, appears to be described in an "inaccurate manner." In his complaint to Google, Mullvad claims that the information surrounding "Block connections without VPN" (henceforth referred to as "lockdown") is false. " While establishing network connectivity, "connectivity check traffic purposefully leaks (transmitted outside the VPN tunnel), even while the lockout is engaged for a VPN program," according to the report. The device "limits any network traffic that does not utilize the VPN," according to the famed tech giant's most recent documentation.  However, Mullvad VPN thinks it is untrue because some traffic leaks when utilizing a Wi-Fi connection.

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