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Ann Coulter slams Trump for GOP’s midterms meltdown, says ‘Shut the f**k up forever’

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Ann Coulter slams Trump for GOP’s midterms meltdown, says ‘Shut the f**k up forever’-GadgetAny
Ann Coulter & Donald Trump

Formerly a fervent fan of Donald Trump, Ann Coulter has criticized him for the Republican Party’s dismal showing in the midterm elections.

Trump was singled out by the conservative media commentator in a recent tweet that blamed his poor staffing choices and shortcomings, asking him to “Shut the f*ck up forever.” Coulter appeared furious by the outcome of the midterm elections, particularly since the GOP had anticipated a resounding triumph but had to contend with the reverse.

The 60-year-old attacked Trump on Twitter, writing, “You had your chance, with a Republican-controlled House and Senate, Mr. Trump. You gave Gary Cohn and your son-in-law responsibility for domestic policy.” She went on, “You surrendered control of foreign affairs to your son-in-law and a nation that gave him $2 billion. Put an end to your blathering.”

Ann Coulter
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The midterm election itself turned out to be historically the best outcomes for a first-term president in decades, and Coulter’s inflammatory remark came after Democrats secured significant victory at the state level. Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, was recently criticized by Donald Trump, who said that he had “poor approval, bad polls, and no money” and that he “changed his campaign.” However, Coulter is winning the support of the internet, which supports her remarks.

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One person tweeted in support of Coulter: “I think you’re at your best when you are genuine. This is genuine. It’s a correct analysis of the big orange one. The question is–why do other Republicans have such a hard time recognizing and acknowledging just how destructive this guy has been? For all of us.” One more person wrote, “Nope… I have to applaud you… we don’t agree on a lot. But I commend you for speaking out and standing by some quality principles. I wish the rest of your party would be so courageous and smart. Finally I’m seeing a productive move and not all this malarkey from both sides.”

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