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Another Firing at Twitter: Fact-Checking Employee Fired; Elon Confirms through Tweet

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Another Firing at Twitter: Fact-Checking Employee Fired; Elon Confirms through Tweet-GadgetAny

An employee of Twitter was let go after he fact-checked Elon Musk.

The CEO of the social media platform acknowledged this information in a now-deleted official post. The billionaire informed Twitter employees that certain staffers would be let go in a leaked email communication.

As a result, numerous social media platform employees voiced their worries. Due to the lack of notice, some of them are even attempting to sue the tech CEO.

It appears that the billionaire no longer dismisses workers for tweets. Twitter employee fired for fact-checking Elon Musk. The problem began after a Twitter staffer sought to fact-check the billionaire, according to the most recent story from 9To5Mac.

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The employee who corrected the billionaire was Eric Frohnhoefer. Elon’s tweet apologising for Twitter’s sluggish performance set the whole thing off.

The Twitter CEO blasted the app, saying “App is doing >1000 improperly batched RPCs only to render a home timeline!”

Frohnhoefer asserted that her claim regarding Elon was untrue. Then, the millionaire questioned him as to what the right number was.

He also inquired about the employee’s efforts to resolve the problem.

“It is first overstuffed with functions that are rarely used. Second, we have racked up years of technical debt as a result of prioritising pace and features over performance. Third, we devote a significant amount of time to waiting for network responses, “Eric stated.

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Another Twitter user then said that rather than publicly correcting the billionaire, the staff should have sent the CEO an email or a Slack chat.

Elon only responded by saying that Frohnhoefer had been fired. Some individuals were able to save screenshots, like the one below, even though his tweet was deleted.

The Twitter employee reportedly didn’t get a termination update, according to Engadget.

Eric, however, claimed that his laptop abruptly switched down after his dispute with the billionaire.

Fohnhoefer noted that after Elon Musk came charge, it is not difficult to trust anyone in the organisation because of his experience.

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