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Apple 14 Max iPhone All Set To Replace Apple 14Mini

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In 2020, along with iPhone 12, Apple launched the mini 5.4-inch iPhone 14Mini. iPhone 13 mini will be the last one in the segment of "mini" phones, and it seems that Apple will no longer continue with mini models in iPhones. iPhone12 was the first model to be launched In Apple's Mini segment with features like an XDR retina display, 5G network, ceramic shield with OLED screen, and camera with night mode for improving picture quality in poorly lit spaces. And then came the 14Mini iPhone with better battery life and a new processor.  Apple 14 Max iPhone and Apple 14 MINI However, the low sales have forced the makers of the Apple 14 mini to discontinue them. The main reason for the low sales was that the size and battery life were not up to the mark. So the buyers would instead opt to buy an iPhone11 rather than a smaller-sized iPhone. Even though the mini-series was the latest in the market, the buyers still preferred iPhone SE, iPhone XR, and iPhone 11. Apple never isolated a single phone model, but according to the research, the sales did not meet the expectations and constituted only 3% of the sales of all the iPhones. The key features of the Apple 14 Max replacing the iPhone mini are 6 GB ram with a screen of 6.1 to 6.7 inches. It is assumed that the mini13 iPhone will stay in the lower range phones at $599. The mini version may come back in a few years, but right now, the 14Max iPhone is the new model to be launched by Apple.

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