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Apple Accounts Can Now Be Protected With Hardware Keys

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Apple Accounts Can Now Be Protected With Hardware Keys-GadgetAny
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In today’s digital environment, two-factor authentication is essential. There are various ways to do it, but using a hardware key is possibly the safest option. You may now use one to safeguard your Apple account.

You will now be able to use third-party hardware keys to safeguard your iCloud account, the company said, along with other security advancements like a new encryption level for iCloud. It will make things easier and safer at the same time because you won’t need a two-factor authentication code to open an account; instead, you can (optionally) tap your physical key on the top of your iPhone to authenticate yourself.


According to Apple, this tool is intended for individuals who get “concerted threats” to their online personas, such as celebrities, journalists, or public officials. After all, accessing your account requires having the hardware key on hand, therefore rendering it impervious to phishing attacks.

In a few days, this feature ought to be available on your phone. Just pray that you don’t really misplace your security key. That’d be a pretty horrible thing.

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