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Apple and Google to Implement AirTag Stalking Alert Standard

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source: TECHXMedia In recent months, Apple's AirTag has been under scrutiny due to concerns that it could be used for stalking purposes. AirTag is a small, circular device that can be attached to personal items and tracked via Bluetooth. The device is designed to help users locate lost or misplaced items. However, there have been reports of people using AirTag to stalk others. To address these concerns, Apple and Google are working on implementing an alert system that will notify users if an unknown AirTag is traveling with them. The system is part of a new industrywide standard that aims to prevent stalking and increase user privacy.

How the Alert System Works

The alert system works by using Bluetooth signals to detect nearby AirTags. If an AirTag is detected that is not registered to the user's Apple or Google account, the user will receive an alert on their smartphone. The alert will include information about the AirTag's location, enabling the user to remove it if necessary. The system also includes a feature that allows users to opt out of being tracked by AirTag altogether. Users can enable this feature by adjusting the privacy settings on their smartphone.

Industrywide Standard

The alert system is part of an industrywide standard that was developed by Apple, Google, and other tech companies. The standard aims to prevent stalking and increase user privacy by requiring all Bluetooth trackers to include a similar alert system. The standard also includes requirements for user privacy and data security. [caption id="attachment_168578" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] source: Chrome Unboxed[/caption] The standard has been welcomed by privacy advocates, who have long been calling for increased privacy protections for users of Bluetooth trackers. With the new standard in place, users can feel more confident that their privacy is being protected when using Bluetooth trackers. Also read: How To Block Unknown Callers on Android? (Master Tip) The implementation of the AirTag stalking alert system is a significant step towards addressing the privacy concerns associated with Bluetooth trackers. With the system in place, users can feel more confident that their privacy is being protected when using AirTag or other Bluetooth trackers. The industrywide standard is a positive development for user privacy and sets an important precedent for other tech companies to follow.

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