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Apple And Google To Set A New Standard To Prevent Tracker-based Stalking

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Image credit : nippon.com All tracker tags may soon be detectable by iPhones and Android phones, protecting users from stalking. In order for producers of Bluetooth-based tracking tags to make them compatible with notifications for unauthorized tracking detection on iPhones and Android phones, Apple and Google have created a new joint specification. This can be standardized so that any tag manufacturer can include anti-stalking features in their tags. Although it's a great move, it won't prevent a determined stalker.

"Adding the proposed technology to devices will help protect people from being unknowingly tracked. While this spec will help cut down on the 'civilian' tracking it will not deter a motivated and skilled threat actor," cyber security professional Chris Furtick told Lifewire via email.

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The new specification has "expressed support" from companies like Samsung, Tile, Chipolo, Eufy Security, and Pebblebee, according to a joint press release from Apple and Google. Even if we all desire this technology for our own protection, it's odd that nobody's purchase decision will likely be influenced by it. Certainly not in a positive direction. Any would-be stalker would steer clear of purchasing anti-stalking tags, and the rest of us, those of us who have no immediate plans to engage in stalking, would probably not give a damn since it's not a feature that would immediately benefit us. But this specification's underlying principle is still a sound one. Your phone should be able to find a tracker via sound if it finds one. When in motion, trackers should also sound an alert so you can locate them even if you don't have a smartphone that works with them. But is it actually helpful? Though it's possible that Apple and Google are taking early action to circumvent legislation, regulations limiting tracking tags may still be beneficial. [caption id="attachment_169605" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]stalking Image credit : Safe Connections[/caption]

"There are roughly 30 individual state-level statutes that make it illegal to place location devices in automobiles for purposes of tracking people without their knowledge or informed consent. For example, in some places, it may be illegal to use tracker tags to monitor someone without their consent. We may begin to see legislative amendments to specifically include the use of tracking tags per se," data privacy and cybersecurity attorney Ryan Johnson told Lifewire via email.


Education is equally crucial to automatic anti-stalking technology. First and foremost, people need to be aware that these devices exist and that they may be located and turned off. A technology solution by itself cannot solve the entire issue.

The National Network to End Domestic Violence is in favor of this action, according to Apple and Google. According to Erica Olsen, senior director of NNEDV's Safety Net Project, the rules will reduce the likelihood of abuse and stalking. An alert on your phone is kind of like education all by itself.

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"While the use of tech can help detect and prevent the misuse of tracker tags, educating the public on the potential risks and how to protect themselves is a crucial component to reduce malicious activity. This includes educating users on how to properly use and secure their devices, as well as how to recognize and report any suspicious activity," says Johnson. "Technology can provide an extra layer of protection, but education is probably most important in ensuring that users understand the risks and how to protect themselves."

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