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Apple App Store Boss Leaves Twitter; Gurman Suggests That App Will Probably Be Banned

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Apple App Store Boss Leaves Twitter; Gurman Suggests That App Will Probably Be Banned-GadgetAny

Last Sunday, just after Elon Musk took over as the new Chief Twit, Phil Schiller, the head of the Apple App Store, quietly closed his Twitter account.

Before it was abruptly disabled, Schiller’s Twitter account boasted more than 250,000 followers, according to the most recent news report by Apple Insider.

Therefore, it seems like his account is rather well-known on the network. Obtaining that many followers are no easy task.

He is, after all, the leader of the company’s official app store, which is situated in Cupertino. Since he was still the Senior Vice President (SVP) of Worldwide Marketing, the online news source reports that the Apple executive utilized his account to promote a variety of goods and services.

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Even as he switched from leading the App Store and being an Apple Follow, he kept using his account. Nevertheless, Schiller nevertheless made the decision to stop using Twitter.

Despite Schiller’s silence over his leaving, iPhone in Canada claims that it is clear that Schiller is dissatisfied with the direction Twitter appears to be taking.

It is important to note that a lot has changed in social media since the extremely wealthy billionaire grabbed control of it.

One of these is the reassignment of rapper Kanye West and former US President (POTUS) Donald Trump. Not to mention that Musk introduced a feature enabling all users to temporarily pay a blue verification check.

Due to worries over content moderation, several advertisers have chosen to leave the social networking service in light of this.

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Will Twitter be removed from the App Store?

Twitter won’t be available in the Apple App Store anytime soon, according to Apple. However, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg argues that such a course of action may need to be done soon.

The Apple Fellow departed Twitter, as Gurman just revealed in a tweet, and he goes on to say that Apple and Google are set to shut down that social network.

According to the journalist, there are “plenty of [leeways]” for it to occur. “There is a real scenario in which Apple/Google remove Twitter,” he adds.

He lists problems with the Musk-owned platform, like content control and avoiding app store commissions, as justifications for kicking the social network off.

Gurman went on to say that it appears that the head of the Apple App Store is not very pleased with how Musk is running Twitter.

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