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Apple Books Have Been Removed From The iPhone With iOS16

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Apple Books Have Been Removed From The iPhone With iOS16-GadgetAny
Apple Books

Because its page-turning animation is by far the greatest in the industry, Apple Books has been the go-to reading app for years. Sadly, that was removed with iOS 16 and was replaced by a new animation that gives the impression that you are flipping through a deck of cards rather than a digital representation of paper.

Here is an explanation for those who are unfamiliar with Apple’s Books app (previously known as iBooks) as to why it feels devastating. Before iOS 16, every time you tapped or swiped on the left or right edge of your device, the app would play a page-turning animation.

Though it wasn’t only a subpar, pre-made animation, it represented one of the apex of the skeuomorphic aesthetic that predominated Apple’s mobile operating system. If you swipe from the bottom and then move up, the “page” will curl upwards instead of turning to the side; if you swipe from the middle and then travel down, the animation is different depending on whether you swipe from the top, middle, or centre of the screen. The “page” falls back down, unturned, if you begin to swipe and then change your mind and move your finger back to the edge.

Apple Books
Image credit: macrumors

According to what is apparent, that experience is entirely gone in iOS 16, and has been replaced by an animation that wouldn’t look out of place in a Tinder knockoff or a PDF viewer utility app. No solution has been found despite searching every screen under Books and Settings to restore the previous flipping animation. The only option to alter the page-turning experience is to completely eliminate it by making the book into a single vertically scrolling page, which somehow manages to be even more offensive than the new animation.

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