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Apple continues to be sued for Batterygate in the UK

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Apple continues to be sued for Batterygate in the UK-GadgetAny

Apple faces another iPhone ‘Batterygate’ legal claim, this time in the UK (Image credit- Engadget)

The iconic “Batterygate” iPhone issue is the focus of a recent lawsuit that Apple is dealing with in the UK, but it also touches on a significant problem that the corporation has already dealt with.

Users have previously voiced several complaints to the Cupertino firm about ancient iPhones that have battery issues, which has prompted them to release numerous software updates.

Users would prefer to update to the most recent smartphone in order to prevent Apple’s battery troubles, which were initially observed with the iPhone 6s’ deteriorating power cells, which had a substantial negative impact on the gadget.

The UK has filed a complaint about Apple’s Batterygate problems.
In the UK, Apple is being sued for $2 billion over claims that it purposefully slowed down older iPhone models, according to the reports.

Apple faces new legal action in the UK around iPhone "Batterygate" | TechSpot
Image credit- TechSpot

The case, which is being spearheaded by consumer advocate Justin Gutmann and centers on the notorious “Batterygate” issue that initially surfaced in 2017, was launched on behalf of UK iPhone consumers.

According to the story, Gutmann’s attorneys assert that Apple built a power management feature into the smartphone that reduces the performance of older devices, much like the infamous Batterygate problem.

The group claims that Apple slowed down older iPhone models on purpose to entice users to buy new ones.

Apple, according to the reports, asserted that these accusations are “baseless,” but also referenced a previously acknowledged problem that was centered on the iPhone 6s’ faulty batteries.

Batterygate is the term used to describe Apple’s practice of reducing the speed of older iPhones with deteriorated batteries in order to prevent unforeseen shutdowns. At first, Apple insisted that the slowdowns were required to save battery life, but the corporation eventually acknowledged that it had not been open with users about the problem.

Apple Still Faces Batterygate Lawsuit in the UK—iPhone Performance Issues Still Present? | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

Redditors originally reported the issue, which was an issue with older iPhone models. This sparked a lawsuit, which compelled Apple to settle in the US.

The Notorious Apple Batterygate Saga
One of several legal issues Apple has had because of the Batterygate controversy is the lawsuit in the UK. Apple consented to pay $500 million to resolve a class-action lawsuit concerning the matter in the US.

In November 2020, Apple resolved a separate multistate investigation in the US by paying up to $113 million to resolve the dispute. The business has also been the subject of investigations by authorities in other nations.

Many customers believe that Apple was not open about the Batterygate scandal, which has had a significant negative impact on the company’s reputation. Since then, Apple has added new battery-management tools to iOS, including a tool that let users keep track of their battery health and turn off performance throttling at will.

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Whether Apple will be held accountable for its behavior is an open question as the UK litigation develops. Regardless of the verdict, the Batterygate affair represents a serious challenge to IT corporations that push for new products while abandoning older ones to fail.

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