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Apple Employees Asked To Stay Mum On iPhone 12 Radiation Concerns: Report

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Image credit : Engadget France has found that Apple’s iPhone 12 models emit RF radiation more than the EU standard and hence the European country seems to callback the iPhone 12 model. However, Apple has issued instructions to its  tech support staff to not share any information regarding the radiation issue. In fact, the company has asked its staffers to stick to the scripted response when they encounter any questions pertaining to the radiation. Moreover, France has already imposed a ban on the sales of  iPhone 12 models and now the country is issuing statements to callback the device amid high radiation exposure worries. However, Apple has denied such allegations regarding the high electromagnetic radiation exposure, but the issue doesn’t seem to pause here. According to the report published by Bloomberg, the employees have been asked not to volunteer any information regarding the ongoing issue.  [caption id="attachment_193478" align="aligncenter" width="2560"]iphone-12- Image credit : Apple[/caption] Contrary to the normal return policy of Apple, they have been instructed to reject any return or exchange request if bought more than two weeks ago, as per the report. Employees have to say that their devices go through rigorous testing to maintain safety standards if customers want to know if their devices are safe to use, the report further states.  According to France's digital minister the radiation levels of iPhone 12 were spotted to be greater than the EU standard, but still lower than what's deemed to be precarious. He added that a software update is required to fix the issue while expecting a response from Apple within two weeks. However, Apple has refuted the claims saying they would work with the French government and provide testimony to the fact that the handset complies with the EU regulations regarding radiation.  Also read : Apple Introduces AAA Roadside Assistance to iPhone 15 Emergency Features After France, its neighboring country Belgium has also raised concerns over the radiation issues. Meanwhile, Germany’s telecom regulator has dropped hints at analyzing the radiation concerns and the French government’s assessment over the issue serves as a guiding function for Europe. 

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