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Apple Faces Challenges in Light of Xioami’s New AR Glasses

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Apple Faces Challenges in Light of Xioami’s New AR Glasses-GadgetAny
Xiomi AR glasses

Image Credit: Xiomi

AR(Augmented Reality) Glasses have been around for quite some time now, yet the craze for them has not yet dimmed down. In fact, several brands are coming up with their own AR glasses which are either a hit or a miss. 

At the Mobile World Congress 2023, Xiaomi unveiled its prototype of AR glasses, or smart glasses that are truly wireless. There is a high probability that Apple will reveal its VR/AR headset at Apple’s WWDC conference this summer. Going by Apple’s signature style, it is almost certain we will be looking at a pair of regular-looking glasses that delivers both visual and audio augmented reality. But after Xiaomi’s reveal, Apple might be facing a few challenges.

“To become more mainstream, AR glasses will need to be comfortable to wear for extended periods, which means they need to be lightweight and well-balanced. In addition to weight, other factors such as durability, battery life, and ease of use are also critical,” Software engineer and 3D games graphics specialist Dmitrii Ivashchenko told Lifewire via email. 

The Xiaomi AR glasses are officially called Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition, and as the name suggests, the glasses are entirely wireless. These glasses pack powerful snapdragon processors and twin micro OLED displays with a 1,200 nits brightness (double the brightness of many laptops). The glasses are also light, made of exotic materials to lighten the load: carbon fiber and magnesium-titanium alloy.

“One of the biggest challenges is the need for compact and powerful components, such as high-resolution displays and advanced sensors, which can be difficult to fit into a small form factor. Additionally, the software required to run AR glasses must be capable of handling complex spatial mapping and real-time data processing,” says Ivashchenko.

“Another challenge is the need for a robust and reliable wireless connection to the internet and other devices, which can be difficult to achieve in real-world environments.”

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