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Apple has the “Highest Stickiness for Any Smartwatch Brand,” according to Counterpoint Research

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Apple has the “Highest Stickiness for Any Smartwatch Brand,” according to Counterpoint Research-GadgetAny
Apple Watch

Report: Apple Watch users are highly loyal and ready to spend over $500 on their next upgrade (Image credit- 9to5 Mac)

According to a new survey by Counterpoint Researchers, Apple Watch has the “highest stickiness for any smartwatch brand” in the US.

The study also shows that more Apple Watch owners tend to hold off on switching to a different smartwatch brand.

According to Counterpoint’s most recent study, Apple will continue to dominate the wristwatch market in the US in 2022.

According to Counterpoint Research, Apple Watch is the top brand in the US for smartwatches. According to the survey, Apple Watch is used by about 80% of smartwatch users who also own iPhones.

Counterpoint Research Says Apple Has 'Highest Stickiness for Any Smartwatch  Brand' | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

The analysis, the research team continues, also explains why the Cupertino behemoth consistently succeeds in capturing a sizable portion of the US market in 2022.

As a result, the tech company increased its share from the previous year to 56%. The maker of the iPad was able to sell one Apple Watch for every three iPhones in Q4 2022. In the same nation, Samsung only sold one Galaxy Watch for every ten smartphones.

According to the report, 71% of Google Pixel users own a Google Pixel Watch, compared to only 40% of Samsung Galaxy phone aficionados who own a Galaxy Watch.

Our basic hypothesis that consumers typically buy their gadgets as part of a larger ecosystem of devices and operating systems is supported by our consumer research survey.

Due to their improved interoperability, iPhone consumers are more inclined to adopt other Apple devices, according to research expert Matthew Orf. Apple and iOS dominate the US smartphone industry.

Apple Leads US Smartwatch Market in Brand Stickiness
Image credit- Counterpoint Research

The research is concerned with messaging, health, and activity tracking, and notification access features, to name a few.

While their older counterparts utilize more health-focused features on their smartwatches, younger users favor more communications options.

Over 70% of Apple Watch customers are “very satisfied” with their smart watch while using the functions they want. Eighty-two percent of the participants said they use the product every day.

59% of respondents indicated they purchased their smartwatch during the last year. Additionally, according to Counterpoint Research, 50% of users of smartwatches intend to choose a new wearable in 2024.

According to the report, 16% of purchasers want to replace their current smartwatch in the next two years. According to the experts, this emphasizes the “holding period of just over two years” for most users.

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In addition, 77% of respondents claimed that an Apple Watch will be their next wristwatch. AppleInsider stated in February 2023 that Apple Watch shipments made up 34.1% of all shipments in 2022. 60% of the revenue from the worldwide smartwatch market went to the business.


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