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Apple Music increases prices for student plans

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Apple Music increases prices for student plans-GadgetAny
Apple Music increases price for student plans

Many platforms offer special discounts for students on their plans if they have proof of enrollment. Apple Music is one of the platforms providing students discounts for the general public. However, the platform recently increased its prices for those subscription plans without announcing its users. 

Moreover, a South African customer got an email from Apple concerning the subscription platform and the changes in its prices. In addition, Apple mentioned that this price increase is for all. Furthermore, the change will start rolling out by June 20 for all subscribers in South Africa. Plus, the price increase of the subscription plan in Apple Music will focus on all its subscription features available in other countries too. 

Furthermore, the current price of the Apple Music Student Plan in South Africa is $1.49, which will rise to $1.99. And although it is only a $0.50 increase, students might still face difficulty paying their monthly subscription. Plus, Apple has not officially announced the hike in the Student Plan except in emails to its subscribers. 

Apple Music increases price for student plans

Will there be an increase in the Student Plan subscription fee in the US?

The Apple Music Student Plan subscription has a different price than in other countries. It is $4.99 a month in the US instead of $9.99 for the standard or regular subscribers. The plan is for people without any student ID proof and is pretty expensive. Interestingly, no US subscribers received any email regarding the price hike of their Student Plan.  

On another note, the music streaming platform also reduced its free trial duration from three months to one. Even after that, subscribers use Apple Music for its accessibility and extensive library that offers the latest songs. However, the recent price hike in its Student Plan subscription will change that drastically. The reason is that the company did not announce it in its current setup, and users might oppose the change. 

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