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Apple needs to be less dependent on China

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Apple needs to be less dependent on China-GadgetAny
Apple needs to be less dependent on China

Apple is highly reliant on China for its devices as it manufactures many of its technology there. “Designed by Apple in California; Assembled in China” is printed on almost all Apple devices. However, past and current lockdowns in the Asian country hinder the success of the Cupertino-based company. 

A recent report in Bloomberg analyzes the overdependence of Apple on China and its disadvantages. Additionally, China faced many lockdowns due to the Covid pandemic, affecting the supplies of its technology. Furthermore, despite being an all-American brand, Apple has always relied on China for manufacturing. Consequently, the company also depends on the Asian nation for its global supplies. 

Apple needs to be less dependent on China

Moreover, the recent Apple investors’ call highlighted many points regarding the company’s success and the supply shortage issues in China. In addition, last week, the investors talked about Apple’s achievements in its products and the technology it offers its users. Besides that, the investors implied the need to expand manufacturing outside China due to Covid lockdowns in the Asian country. The company noted that it would face heavy losses due to its reliance on China for manufacturing and components. Additionally, CEO Tim Cook said, “Apple is genuinely global,” with the company looking to expand its manufacturing soon to other countries. Fortunately, if Apple does expand to other nations, it will help the tech giant immensely. Plus, the current surge in Covid cases in China might result in Apple’s $8 billion revenue loss. 

Furthermore, the latest spike in Covid cases in China resulted in the temporary closure of production in Pegatron in Shanghai. Pegatron is one of the many companies in the nation that Apple partners with for its products. Besides that, there are also other companies Apple partners with for internal parts and supplies for manufacturing. 


Hence, a continuous reliance of Apple on China will be a downside for the company. Thus, the inventors’ call last week expressed an urgent need to expand the manufacturing of Apple in other countries sooner rather than later.  

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