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Apple Releases iOS 15.4, Packed With New Siri Voice, Emojis & What Not

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It is not hush-hush anymore. Apple released iOS 15.4 on Monday, March 14, 2022, available for download on your iPhone. The latest operating system update packs AirTag antistalking alerts, new emoji, Face ID updates, new Siri voice, and the Universal Control to iPhones.  You can update to iOS 15.4 right now if you have a compatible iPhone. All you need to do is to go to the Settings app, tap on General, select Software Updates, and you get the option to download and install iOS 15.4. 

A Peek into iOS 15.4 Features 

Use Face ID with a mask

 face id with mask You can now turn on a Face ID setting that permits Apple’s unlocking technology to recognize your face even if you are wearing a mask. The feature uses a small portion of your face to verify your identity, so you need to be more precise about the angle you hold your phone at when using Face ID.

A New Voice for Siri

You will also observe a notable change for Siri as the digital assistant no longer defaults to a female voice. iOS 15.4 also adds a new gender-neutral voice option for Siri. Apple’s fifth Siri voice option is reportedly for American users and is more gender-neutral.

New Emoji

New Emoji This one is for emoji lovers! The new iOS 15.4 adds 37 new emojis, including melting face, heart hands, pregnant person emoji, a biting-lip emoji, beans, a troll, and more. 

Tap to Pay on iPhone

iOS 15.4 new “Tap to Pay on iPhone” feature allows NFC-compatible iPhones to accept payments through Apple Pay. 

Universal Control

Universal Control allows you to use other Apple devices as second screens, moving content seamlessly between the two screens using only one device. However, this long-awaited feature is still in beta, so you can expect some issues now and then. 

AirTag anti-stalking improvements

AirTag anti-stalking improvements This new update includes Apple’s upgrades to the AirTag and the Find My App features. Now you receive a new pop-up when setting up an AirTag to warn you that tracking someone without consent is a crime. Also, the victims and law enforcement can find your details via the tag when discovered.


The new iOS 15.4 update to SharePlay allows some apps to start SharePlay calls from the app instead of starting a SharePlay call and opening the app. For more updates on Apple, keep your eyes on this site!

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