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Apple to Create Own 3D ‘Metaverse’ World, New Job Listings Indicates

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Apple to Create Own 3D ‘Metaverse’ World, New Job Listings Indicates-GadgetAny

Apple may be speeding up its foray into augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality, according to new job advertisements (VR). This occurs shortly after the parent company of the metaverse, Meta, cut more than 11,000 jobs to reduce costs.

While Meta has been actively advancing its harshly criticized metaverse goal, Apple has been edging closer to joining the fray over the past few years.

According to a 2017 Bloomberg article, Apple had been working on an augmented reality wearable that might be made available to the general public as early as 2020.

This may be Apple’s upcoming flagship product, according to the same claim. Even the possibility that the AR device would have its own display, chip, and the operating display was mentioned at the time.


Additionally, check out Verizon’s new promotion to test the 5G network’s eSIM technology for free. However, no such device was produced in 2020, and Apple hasn’t made any formal statements on the release date of such an AR device. 

These job postings, which Coingeek found, suggest that the business would soon continue its ambitions to introduce its own AR wearable, too.

Apple announced more than 30 new posts for software designers and engineers in augmented and virtual reality in November. 

A network engineer with AR/VR skills is needed for one of these positions; they will develop frameworks and tools “to enable connected experiences in a 3D mixed reality world.”

Audio in the metaverse

The emphasis on augmented reality and virtual reality media unite all of the engineering positions on the job post, which included a variety of expertise.

Could Apple, after Facebook’s parent firm had blatantly failed to achieve its metaverse objectives, follow Meta’s example and push for the metaverse?

Although this is conceivable, Apple won’t use the term “metaverse” to describe it.

Since the term simply confuses people, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook made it plain a month ago that the business would refrain from using it. “It’s crucial, in my opinion, that people comprehend what something is. 

Additionally, I doubt that the average person could define the metaverse “He declared.

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