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Apple TV Remote not working? Easy way to fix

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Given that it offers various streaming benefits and is one of the most well-known black box gadgets on the market today, it is a major disappointment if the remote has problems or does not function as it should. https://www.gadgetany.com/news/how-to-utilize-remote-printing-over-the-internet/ The iPhone can be used to control the television, but it only offers a few other features.
  • Clear any impediments from the black box and remote: Keep everything that stands in the way of your remote and the front of your Apple TV, television, receiver, and sound bar 20 feet (approximately 6 meters) or less away from it.
  • Recharge the battery in your remote: Using a USB-C to USB or Lightning to USB cord and a USB wall charger, charge your remote for 30 minutes.
  • Disconnect your Apple TV: Take your Apple TV out of the wall outlet. Plug it back in after at least six seconds (it's ideal to wait ten seconds).
  • You might need to restart or reset your remote's connection to the Apple TV if that doesn't work.
  • Hold the Volume Down and TV icons simultaneously for five to ten seconds.
  • Watch for a "Connection Lost" notice to appear on your TV screen.
  • The remote would automatically restart and pair.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Apple TV Not Responding to Remote? 8 Ways to Fix Image credit- Switching To Mac[/caption] Linking a Remote to an Apple TV:
  • Standing at least three inches away from the Apple TV, press the Back "" or
  • "Menu" button for around five seconds while also turning up the volume.
  • If Apple asks you to, place your remote on top of the black box.
  • If none of these solutions work, try going to Settings > Remotes & Devices > Volume Control > TV through IR on your Apple TV.
Should the Volume Control buttons on the Remote stop functioning, Apple also provides a mechanism to reset the device. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="768"]Apple TV 4K 3rd Gen Review: Supercharged Streaming For Apple Users - SI  Showcase - Sports Illustrated Image credit- Sports Illustrated[/caption] iTunes TV The popularity of Apple TV devices is skyrocketing because they can make any television smart by simply plugging the black box into an HDMI port. Additionally, Apple updates the hardware to give new capabilities and entertainment-enhancing experiences through its offerings that do not solely rely on the Apple TV+ streaming service. https://www.gadgetany.com/news/why-some-people-disagree-with-apple-advanced-data-protection/ There is a technique to still operate the black box when one finds it difficult to use the remote and does not want to purchase a new one. It merely needs to be updated to the iOS 16 operating system and is done using an iPhone. One should consider these fixes before thinking to get a new remote for their Apple TV because they might be the solution to their issues.

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