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Apple Vision Pro Technology Set to Arrive on Apple Watch, Expected by 2026

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Apple Vision Pro Technology Set to Arrive on Apple Watch, Expected by 2026-GadgetAny
Apple Watch

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According to a recent report, Apple has delayed bringing the micro-OLED display technology used in its Vision Pro headset to Apple Watch until 2026.

A noteworthy aspect of the company’s spectacular new AR headset, which debuted in June at WWDC 2023, is its pair of micro-OLED 4K panels, which put over 23 million pixels right in front of your face.

A display’s ability to pack more pixels into a smaller space is greatly increased by micro-OLED, an OLED display that uses incredibly tiny pixels. For instance, the iPhone 14 Pro, Apple’s top iPhone, has a resolution of 460 pixels per inch.

The reason Apple Vision Pro can fit 23 million pixels into two panels that are each the size of a postage stamp is that a competent micro-OLED display might give ten times that or more.

Apple Watch Ultra 2026 Set to Unleash Micro-LED Technology
Image credit- Analytics Insight

Upgrade for the Apple Watch

Apple is bringing micro-OLED technology to the Apple Watch, according to two insiders, including renowned display analyst Ross Young. However, 2024, 2025, and now 2026 have all been mentioned as the launch windows.

Apple reportedly spent $10 billion on micro-OLED technology and plans to start with the Apple Watch Ultra before expanding to other models and maybe the iPhone in the future.

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It comes in light of reports that Apple has drastically cut its manufacturing targets for the Apple Vision Pro headset, which will be unveiled early next year, by around half.

Unfortunately, Apple Watch micro-OLED improvements won’t come for several more years. The iPhone 15 and the Apple Watch Series 9 are both anticipated to be launched in September, although little information is currently known about prospective upgrades.

Also rumored to be in development is a new Apple Watch Ultra 2, which is anticipated to debut later this year.


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