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Apple Watches – Benefits & Drawbacks of Purchasing One

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Apple Watches – Benefits & Drawbacks of Purchasing One-GadgetAny

Buying any tech gadget that’s a bit expensive requires serious deliberation, especially something like an Apple Watch. The reason is that many people might think that having a smartwatch isn’t as essential as having a smartphone or a laptop. They are more like an accessory that is fun rather than a necessity. However, some significant benefits make smartwatches a must-have. But, buying a device like an Apple Watch might still make some people hesitant. So, here are some advantages and drawbacks of an Apple Watch that can help users decide whether they should buy it or not. 

Benefits of Apple Watches

1 Tracks workouts

Tracks workouts apple watch

Apple Watch offers a lot of ways to track users’ exercises. It can track workouts automatically, or users can adjust it according to their requirements. Additionally, it can track any workout routine – swimming, walking, running, tai chi, dancing, etc. Besides that, users can easily check and track the calories they burn daily with their smartwatch. It is a great way to keep track of exercise stats.

2. Motivates users

An Apple Watch is an excellent source of encouragement, thanks to its Activity ring system. It gives users daily targets on the number of calories they need to burn, the exercise they need to do, and the number of times they should stand up. Users usually want to complete their rings every day, no matter what. Besides, the system rewards users with monthly targets and awards. Thus, they get more motivation to walk, run, or complete a specific workout routine. Plus, these targets are based according to users’ abilities. And to make it more fun, users can even compete with other Apple Watch owners for further encouragement. 

3. The aesthetic factor

With the introduction of various smartphones, wearing wristwatches became a thing of the past. However, the trend is again gaining popularity with the invention of classy, innovative smartwatches. The reason is that an Apple Watch comes with numerous options for straps completing users’ outfits for the office, gym, dates, etc. 

4. Notifications on hand

Notifications on hand apple watch

Many people rely on reminders to remember deadlines, meetings, or appointments. So, receiving these reminders right on the wrist can save users a lot of time. In addition, an Apple Watch alerts users for calls, messages, meetings, etc. Thus, it is a pretty powerful source of information right on a user’s hand. 

5. Monitors health

Besides tracking exercises and sending notifications, Apple Watch can also track and monitor users’ health. As a result, it offers meaningful insight to the wearer concerning their overall health. For example, it monitors heart rate, oxygen saturation, any irregularities in heartbeats, and even ECG. And even though these features are imperfect, they can help users seek medical attention early. Thus, owning an Apple Watch is very beneficial, especially for people with health issues. 

Drawbacks of Apple Watches

1. Hefty price tag

Many of the older models of Apple Watches are comparatively less costly but still far from cheap. Besides, buying an older model means dealing with an aging processor and fewer sensors. So, it is best if users don’t buy an Apple Watch if it’s out of their budget, as it is not a necessary device. 

2. Requires an iPhone

Requires an iPhone apple watch

An Apple Watch is only compatible with an iPhone. Hence, Android users cannot use it with their smartphones. Additionally, users can set up their watch with an iPhone and use it without the phone. But, the features it offers are few and not worth it. 

3. Not best for users who don’t exercise or forget to recharge

An Apple Watch’s essential function is monitoring users’ exercises. So, if a user has zero interest in working out or tracking their activity daily, then there’s no need to invest in an Apple Watch. 

Additionally, since it is an electronic gadget, a smartwatch needs recharging regularly. So, it is not a good idea for people who tend to forget to recharge to purchase an Apple Watch. The reason is that although it offers excellent battery life, it’s far from being a regular watch that doesn’t require recharging. 

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