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Apple Watch Series 9: What to Expect from Apple's Upcoming Smartwatches

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Image credit : ZoneOfTech (YouTube) Apple isn't anticipated to reveal the new Apple Watch(es) until September, just like the next iPhone, but that hasn't stopped the internet from discussing. There are rumors circulating about potential new design modifications, features, and capabilities, as well as which of Apple's three smartwatches may receive updated models. We will definitely get a Series 9 and a third-generation SE, but it's less certain whether we will also get a new Ultra.

The Series 9 will resemble the Series 8 quite a bit.

With the Series 9 and subsequent SE models, don't anticipate a significant design update. Apple hasn't significantly changed the look of its Series and SE models in years, and with the launch of the brand-new Ultra last year, it appears that it has bought itself some time. Apple expert Mark Gurman predicts that the Series 9 and new SE's hardware enhancements won't be significant.

The Series 9 may be a running watch that is even more accurate.

[caption id="attachment_156600" align="aligncenter" width="980"]Apple Watch Series 9 Image credit : Apple[/caption] The extremely accurate GPS on the Apple Watch Ultra is one of its finest features. The Ultra's dual-frequency L1 and L5 GPS chips give it more valuable GPS tracking and navigation capabilities, especially in places where getting a signal is difficult, including cities, tunnels, or even dense forests. All other non-Ultra Apple Watches only feature an L1 GPS chip. Since the majority of the improvements to the new Apple Watches will be made internally, it's possible that Apple will add dual-frequency GPS to the Series 9 to make it an even more precise smartwatch for exercising. Additionally, it would stand out more from the following SE, which is probably still going to have a single L1 GPS chip. [caption id="attachment_167986" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Apple Watch Series 9 Image credit : Apple[/caption]

This autumn, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is not anticipated.

The Apple Watch Ultra is almost certainly being developed for a second generation by Apple. Sadly, it doesn't seem likely that it will be released this year. The second-generation Apple Watch Ultra will include a microLED display, which would aid with improved brightness, color, and contrast, claims display analyst Ross Young. The Ultra 2 is still in early development and there is presently no wearable with a microLED display, so it's possible that the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra won't be available until 2025.

The Series 9 may be the first Apple Watch to support 5G.

In 2020, Apple made a big show about adding 5G connection to its iPhone lineup, but it hasn't yet done the same for its line of smartwatches. An enhanced 5G chip for the Apple Watch would help it be more future-proof and would also speed up the execution of "Hey Siri" requests, which has been a long-standing Siri annoyance. The "all-day" battery of an Apple Watch would undoubtedly deplete considerably more quickly as a result of 5G connectivity. Though it's still largely speculative, there have been rumors that Apple will finally add 5G to one of its smartwatches this year. Also read : Apple Watch Series 9: All the details including price, release date, features, & more

The Series 9 is unlikely to feature a new blood glucose sensor.

There have been rumors that Apple may add a new sensor to the Apple Watch so that it may non-invasively check your blood sugar levels. Obviously, this would be big, especially for those with diabetes, but it won't be ready in time for Series 9. Apple is undoubtedly working on adding blood glucose monitoring to the Apple Watch, but it won't be available for several more years, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

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